Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Let The Healing Begin - Please

One is cautioned to be careful about for which you wish.  I have for some time now wished Gingrich and Santorum would exit the Presidential primary.  Newt essentially did so over the week end.  Santorum did so today.  But oh, the damage done!

I wish I could be optimistic because of the news, but frankly, it was Mr. Romney's PACs that inflicted most of the damage.  I wonder if they can be as successful when pitted against the Obama machine.  My instinct is that we haven't seen anything yet.

I always wonder to what end all the negativity serves.  It tears down good people.  It does nothing to raise up those inflicting it.  Yet we are supposed to blithely accept that it's nothing more than politics and suddenly turn the resentment into support for the last man standing.

One thing nags, however.  Most of the negatives are based on at least a glimmer of truth.  Sorting out just what that glimmer is versus the whole is difficult at best.  So we hold our breath and hope for the best.

Let's face it. The Republicans have to get their act together and decide what exactly they represent.  Obviously the conservatism of the religious right differs from fiscal conservatism and they lost.  Romney can preach about how conservative he is to his heart's content and it won't make it true.  Plus he will now move more to the center to try to make up lost ground with the independents.  Me thinks he won't have to move much to find his comfort zone.

Two things I'll be watching.  The first will be whether or not Gingrich and Santorum will rally behind Romney or not.  There's a lot of bitterness to overcome.  The second and most important is whether or not Romney will find his voice and a message.  The general election should be a comparison of totally diverse philosophies of what this country should be and how to get it there.  Obama has a foot up.  He has made it abundantly clear where he wants us to go.  I for one want no part of it.

Romney has so far done little other than tout his business background and there is so much more that needs addressed.  It's more than just jobs and the economy.  It's energy policy, foreign policy, military strength and our country's place in the world.  Russia and China are nipping at our heels.  Israel is suspicious.  The Islamic countries are thumbing their noses at us. Others have dismissed us as irrelevant - a country whose time has passed.

Regaining our status will be a huge undertaking.  I know I'll get a ton of disagreement about this from many of my readers, but there is only one candidate who can make those changes.  The other has no intention of trying what's more doing so.

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Margie's Musings said...

Romney knows absolutely nothing about foreign policy. Obama and Clinton have had four years to get a foothold.

Romney also made his fortune buying and then selling struggling companies and laying off thousands of employees. After reading his biography, there is no way I would vote for him.

I also know way too much about his religion and in his case that is relevant. Mormons have always wanted the power of the presidency. They have had five men try to capture the presidency.