Thursday, July 26, 2012

Does Anyone Have A Clue ?

It seems to me there is something drastically wrong with the system when Vice Presidential candidates cause more excitement than do the Presidential candidates.  Lately this has been a Republican problem - a huge Republican problem.

One time it might have been a fluke.  We will probably never know what made John McCain choose Sarah Palin over far more qualified candidates.

Now we wait with baited breath.  Well, at least we wait, to see who another uninspiring Republican candidate is going to choose.

It is so frustrating to have no faith in the party of my choice.  I have readers who will vote for Obama for that very reason.  I can't.  I can't vote for a man who is diametrically opposed to what I think of as my America.  Yet I have no reason to vote for Mitt Romney either. He's just another face on a politician with no vision, at least he hasn't articulated one, who has surrounded himself with old cronies who haven't a fresh idea among them.  

Some of the VP potentials could add some pizazz to the ticket without the flakiness of a Palin.  Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal, Paul Ryan - even John Thune at least have some personality.  Actually many of them would be the better candidate for President and I may never find it within myself to forgive them for not running when we need them most.  They've abdicated to a man who wants to be President yet brings nothing to the table other than that desire.  

As for his ticket,  some suggest dull and boring might be a saving grace after the rock star mania we've had with Palin and Obama.  Only if dull and boring resonate.  What are the chances of that?

Drill down a layer to Congress and we have the same problem. Ideology rules.  Threats rule.
Members of both houses seem to be absent convictions for anything other than retaining their seats.

It has gotten to a point where something other than merely voting is needed.  But what?  There have been attempts at third parties.  This will take time.  Wooing viable people away from the established parties won't be easy.

Every candidate who comes along promises to change the culture of Washington yet none succeed if indeed they even try.  So what do we do?  I'd really like to know if any of you have any thoughts on the subject.  Enough of us write, complain and opine to fill volumes yet there is never any change.  How do we harness all that energy into something meaningful? Can it be done or are we doomed to stew in our own juices?


Word Tosser said...

it is like most is hard to gather people and have them actually do something. (have to admit, myself included) we rather bitch about it... cuss the rut,than change.. There was a few other choices that quickly fell to the way side, even the People Choice or what ever they called it, didn't make it either.

Word Tosser said...

Oh, yea, forgot to add.. you can do what I did the year of Kerry and Bush... mark (got to make sure you mark it) and write in...NONE OF ABOVE... it actually gave me great joy to do so, being both choices were horrible.