Friday, July 27, 2012

Tearing Down Fences With The Picket Project

Having been a blogger for many years I've had a lot of requests come my way.  Most often from someone who wants to write a post.  Usually about a totally inappropriate subject which tells me they've never really read my blog.

Others have been fun.  Interviews with mainstream media, requests to review a book now and then or when we had Bacchus to test dog related products.

I have never been asked to share someone elses content.  Until now.  I was contacted by a fellow blogger at  The Jefferson Tree , to which I am a contributor,  about a project for which additional exposure is being sought.  The Picket Project  is devoted to identifying and exploring solutions for political and social issues.

As you know this is an area of great interest to me.  I like the content and am interested in seeing how it develops.  It strikes me as being an online think tank for the concerned citizen.  You know, those of us who live in the real world and just might have some ideas worth exploring and supporting.

So I'm going to jump off the fence and take the plunge.  I am going to devote Saturdays for a time to a series of posts from The Picket Project.

Let me know if you find them of interest and if you do let them know too!  It never hurts to broaden ones horizons and the Picket Project provides that opportunity to a much greater extent than bloggers such as myself who mostly point out issues and state an opinion with little more.

Tomorrow will be an effort to not be fenced in by my own limitations by sharing with you some great insight.  My own pithy commentary will return Sunday or Monday.

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Margie's Musings said...

Sounds good to me, Mari.