Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Super Women - In Saudi No Less

For decades women in this country have been bemoaning the  inability to break through the glass ceiling.  Men, those evil creatures, have prevented it insisting women can't do it all and do it well. They, who don't have the burden of child bearing and rearing, are the most capable.

Of course women have tried and for every success there have been numerous failures.  I have no statistics, I just know.  I'm a woman and I know my limitations and those of my acquaintances. In this case there is some truth to that line of thinking.

So, how do women prove their capabilities?  Leave it to the Saudis to figure it out. Here is a country with a vast number of highly educated women who are restricted by their ultra conservative laws and customs.  Like not being able to drive nor mingle with men other than family.  The solution - at least on a trial basis - is women only cities!

Brilliant!  Within these cities women will rule by running the businesses and factories as well as being the workers. They will be able to prove their capabilities on a number of levels - like which are the businesses best suited for women.  More importantly, the women will be able to prove to themselves if they're really ready for prime time so to speak.

There are of course drawbacks.  They won't have men to blame and be sure, men will be watching.  They will be proving themselves against other women which in the world outside their cities won't be the case. Another aspect not discussed is the family unit over and above work.  Though they will live in areas adjacent to their cities, it can't be a true test unless they are solely responsible for home and family along with work.

If it does work well for them it has been suggested they enclose themselves within their little meccas of opportunity and let the men see what it's like without women to do their bidding.  Wouldn't we all like that at times!

Since this is an experiment being conducted in a middle eastern country perhaps it will provide real hope for the women residing in even more restrictive countries.  Those who not only cannot work, but are also denied education.  That doesn't necessarily mean they are without ability and there is nothing to say they couldn't band together, occupy their own piece of territory and fend for themselves.  No easy task to be sure.  If they fail they're likely to be stoned to death.

Never-the-less it's an experiment worth watching.  I think the close minded men will be shocked at what the women can do.  I think the women will find it's not as easy as they may think.  They both might learn the value of each to the other.

Wow.  Men and women complimenting one another rather than opposing one another.  What a concept!

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