Saturday, October 13, 2012

Michael Vick - A Step Too Far

I've become pretty jaded over my lifetime and little shocks or surprises me, but I must admit that the news that Michael Vick has a new dog did just that.

It seems he tweeted a picture of his daughter and happened to catch the corner of a Milk Bone box in it.  Then the picture was replaced without the box.  That in itself makes me queasy.  He tried to hide the truth.

Legally he has every right to have a dog now that his parole for the horrendous abuse he was instrumental in inflicting on the dogs in his dog fighting ring has ended.

He claims that what he had done in the past in no way molded who he is today.  I'm no psychologist but I don't buy it.  Every experience you have in life molds who you are.  He claims it's for his kids so they can learn to love and respect animals.  Fine.  You leave and let the kids have the dog.

A lot of his fighting dogs were taken in by Best Friends Animal Society for care and rehabilitation.  Many are still there with severe personality problems. Many had to be euthanized because of their injuries. Somehow all the court mandated work for the Humane Society is supposed to negate all this.  Tell that to the dogs who fight for their lives even now.

I'm sorry, no.  Michael Vick has had more breaks than most would ever get because of his prowess on the football field.  He has regained his wealth.  He has regained his adoring fans - at least as long as his skills last.  That's more than enough.  Way more.

I live in an area of the country where attitudes toward animals is mixed.  Most love their dogs every bit as much as I loved ours.  Others think of them as no more than possessions to be used for whatever sport their owner decides - from hunting to fighting. Too much fighting.  Too much neglect.

There is always the argument that an animal's life is not as valuable as a human.  Unless you're making heaps of money on the fights.  But the animal has no say.  It's a cliche as old as time, I know, but also undeniably true.

If a human can be executed for taking another's life or sentenced to life in prison people applaud.  The creep got what he deserved.  If a sex offender or a child molester has to register so people know of their proximity, people cheer.   That gives them the edge on keeping themselves and their children safe.

So it should be for those who abuse animals.  Perhaps a better lesson for his kids would be to work along side their Dad with the Humane Society.  You don't always get what you want and it isn't always your fault.  This time it was Dads.

I have no objection to second chances but the caveat is it should be deserved.  Mr. Vick has had a multitude of second chances pan out to his benefit.  The one he doesn't deserve is to ever have a living breathing animal living under the same roof.  Nor does that animal.


Team Beaglebratz said...

Even tho I follow several blogs, I rarely have time to comment on any - however this is a subject I can't pass up. Ever since the story about Vick and what he had done (dog-fighting) broke, I have followed it as much as I could. (I gotta say this before I forget it - have you noticed how much some politicians and criminals have in common? What do they both do when they are caught doing something they shouldn't be doing - deny their involvement) ok - on with my original comment - the fact the Vick is trying to hide the evidence and deny the dog's existence - is just another example of prior behavior. Once a liar and cheat - statistics show always a liar and cheat. Statistics also show that once an animal abuser - always abuser of something. And statistics also show that once an animal abuser, the chances of that leading to domestic abuse, drug abuse, possession of firearms increases. I'm not a psychologist either but my advanced degree is in social work and undergrad degree also social work with a minor in psychology. I wouldn't trust Vick with my worst enemy - DEFINITELY NOT with kids or dogs or any other living creature. There are so many of his "fans" who say people need to let by-gones be by-gones; that it was "just dogs" They don't realize what it leads to - the only thing that keeps me sane about this whole issue is my belief that God will take care of (and NOT in a good way) Michael Vick who maimed, abused and murdered many of God's own creatures.
Gotta get.

Margie's Musings said...

I couldn't agree more with both of you. Just one look at that pitiful dog should tell us all something about Vick.

Cheryl Burchell Goldsmiths said...

I can not believe that this monster is even allowed to play football let alone own another dog. He makes me sick !!

Anonymous said...

Enough said, folks, hat tip to you all for your genuine love and regard for another living creature upon this blue and green planet.