Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Politics Of Race As Hate

I've been writing a lot lately about thing of which I'm just plain tired.  Today I've got one more.  The idea that every time a black is criticised it's equated with hate.  That's a really strong emotion.

Today Representative James Clyburn, D-SC, is at it again.  If you don't know, he is black and has made such accusations before.  I wonder if he realizes that he, and those like him, are the ones who personifies hate rather than the people being accused.

His case in point today is Susan Rice, not to mention the President  The idea that they have been called incompetent and lazy and a lot of other descriptive terms is "code" for hate.  Yup.  There's that code that no one hears but the likes of Mr. Clyburn.

I've accused the President of a lot of things.  I would guess some readers think I'm racist because of it.  If I am I'm becoming one because of such accusations.  It's time, Mr. Clyburn, to evolve into the 21st century and try to move beyond it.  ANd no, 'evolve' isn't code for anything unless it's attitude.

Sure it sticks in his craw and I don't blame him, but to see every utterance made as racist is nonsense.  I was a huge supporter of President Obama when he first ran.  Since he's been in office I've found I disagree with his policies and think he is under qualified for the job.  Does that mean I hate him?  No.  Nor do I hate Eric Holder nor Susan Rice nor any other member of the administration that happens to be black  My criticisms would be the same were they white.

Think of all the black Americans of accomplishment that don't dwell on the color of their skin. I'd hope neither do those with whom they associate.  Athletes, entertainers, politicians not to mention doctors and lawyers and reporters and anchors and thousands upon thousands of ordinary citizens.

Should anyone not be called out for incompetence, or laziness or lack of good judgement no matter what race or ethnicity they may be?

Let's face it, since Susan Rice was the one who went on television and made what we know were false statements about the attack in Benghazi, it begs a lot of questions.  If she knew nothing about it why was she chosen?  Why did she repeat what was known to be wrong?  For that matter why did the President?  And too, why did Petraeus and Hillary?  If I'm not mistaken they are white.  The same charges have been leveled at them.

I suppose we'll hear that Jesse Jackson Jr's bout with bi polar disorder and Allen West's defeat in Florida are both hate based.

Please, Mr. Clyburn.  Yes, the country still has an uncomfortable undercurrent of racism but the more you make every slight as being about race and hate the more it's likely to manifest itself in truth.  If you really want to conquer racism and hate at least put it in perspective.

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Anonymous said...

Top of the morning to you, Mari! It's been such a treat to read your sensible and timely post here this year. This one is just as thought-provoking as ever. Too bad some people in public service who are insecure about their performance can rely upon pulling out the race card; unfortunately, their ineptitude shouldn't tarnish the image of decent, fairminded and well intentioned folks like you.

Happy Thanksgiving! to you and yours!