Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Forget The Handbook!

We have long known of the cultural divide between ourselves and the Afghans.  We've tried for decades to bridge it in our efforts to make the Afghans self sufficient against intruders, including ourselves.  I cannot help but wonder why.

President Karzai is quick to take us to task for our efforts.  I've complained about it for what seems an eternity.  Beyond that we get killed by those we train.  It's blamed on that cultural divide.

So what to do to make us more sensitive?  Produce a handbook for ready reference.  It is in the process of being reviewed for good reason.   The Wall Street Journal suggests there are some problems that should not be swept under the rug.  Never.  Ever.

Sure, I understand the Afghans might resent being considered gutless in combat and basically stupid.  After all, they are an uneducated lot.  I can even understand their resentment for having been found out for having colluded with and formed alliances with the enemies.  Whichever side does the best job of buttering their bread I would guess.

Such must be fairly common between cultures as different as our when being forced to work together when the will isn't there.  But it gets worse.  Far worse.  There is a list of taboo subjects like making disparaging remarks about the Taliban,  criticising  Afghans and just about anything Islam.  That too is to be expected.

But it gets worse.  Far worse.  Nix advocating women's rights.  Check.  Do not mention homosexual conduct.  What?  Do not criticise in any way, shape or form pedophilia.  WHAT?

That our soldiers are often solicited by Afghans for homosexual activity seems a bit off the Islamic path, but I guess you are what you are.  Bold though, don't you think?  What would happen if a GI accepted?

Worse though, is the wide spread practice of pedophilia.  Especially among the Pashtuns of whom Karzai is one.  Is his constant criticism of us an attempt to divert attention from these practices?  Too late.  It's out there.

They have gone so far as to defend it by claiming it's their segregation from women.  Whose fault is that? Their economy is bad and marriage is expensive.  If their President wasn't squirreling away our aid perhaps the economy would be better.  Then there is the romantic Islamic poetry that speaks to their infatuation with young boys.

We put up with an awful lot from the Afghans.  Their treatment of women and girls has garnered most of the headlines.  Now we must include the boys and the despicable  embracing of pedophilia.

I don't agree with President Obama about much.  I do agree with the withdrawal of our troops but it's imperative to bring all of them home.  Don't leave any behind.  Withdraw all financial aid. Let the Afghans fend for themselves and let the chips fall where they may.

We don't tolerate pedophilia among our priests.  We don't tolerate pedophilia by a football coach.  How can we in good conscience tolerate it in an entire culture?  Can we allow ourselves to be that hypocritical all in the name of a cultural divide?

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Margie's Musings said...

The Russians had the right idea. We should just pull out of there and leave them to their own devices and also while we're at it, take our money as well.