Sunday, January 27, 2013

So Sarah, Where Are You Going?

Sarah Palin and FOX News have parted company.  I wasn't surprised to hear it because she has lost a degree of relevance. Out of sight out of mind you know.  I'm not even sure where she resides any more since she and Todd bought a fortress in Arizona.  Perhaps, like we ordinary folks, she has joined the ranks of snowbirds who winter where it's warm.

Reports weren't clear either whether or not her parting with FOX was warm or chilly.  I understand they didn't fight too hard for a contract renewal, she claiming she wants to broaden her horizons.

Yet she is still our old feisty Sarah. We have not yet begun to fight she tells us, we have to quit preaching to the choir. I do agree with her on that last point, but I'm wondering how she plans to accomplish what is a lofty goal for Republicans.

Heck, as long as they remain divided, she doesn't even have a whole choir!  As for the fight, what exactly are they fighting for?  Therein lies the problem.  Nothing new.  It's their inability to articulate.  Take Marco Rubio and his immigration plan.  He's still dithering around with the Republicans trying to come up with something coherent while Obama is planning to announce his own plan next week.

The Republicans go on about a spending problem without out making it comprehensible to the 4th grade level of understanding necessary to reach the masses.  Obama says we don't have a spending problem.  End of story.

So where is Sarah going to go to fight the good fight?  I agree it needs to be fought, but with the media beholden to the President I don't see that she has a base from which to work.  Even on the blogs, which I imagine are probably pretty evenly split, she's at an unfair advantage because those who read them read the ones with which they agree.

I've been visiting No Labels to see what sort of dialog they have going about subjects they tout like how to make government work, but I've not found those discussions.  Not that it matters because without a ground swell it floats off into cyberspace never again to be seen.

I'll be watching to see when and where she reappears. I'll be watching to see if the Republicans can find an acceptable balance between social issues which many of us deem personal and national issues which rightly affect all of us.

Could she be the voice that Republican Party so sorely needs?  I don't think so because she is too much a social conservative. I'll give her credit, however, for stating the obvious.  If she can see it so clearly, certainly others can.  Other than those of us who incessantly pound the keyboards about it.

If there is someone out there with a platform that can actually be heard and understood, my bet is it will be from somewhere other than Washington. Come out, come out where ever you are!


Diana said...

Great discussion and I completely agree with you.

Margie's Musings said...

I have nearly given up on my Republican party. They just come up with these jokers who really don't have a brain...or don't use it if they do.

Palin, to me, is just another joke. She could never answer any questions that mattered when she was interviewed and running for Vice President. In my opinion, she cost McClain the election.

Tommy said...

Personally, I don't think she had a "degree of relevance".

Unless of course you think of her foreign policy, "I can see Russia from our shore"...