Sunday, February 17, 2013

Politics -Time For Some Acceptance?

I'm feeling kind of sad today.  Maybe it's seasonal affective disorder.  Maybe it's just plain defeat. It's time to realize that the country is leaving me and my kind behind.

I've just finished listening to the umpteenth discussion on sequestration with each panelist blaming those of the opposing party. It has gotten so tiresome I wonder why I even bother listening what's more commenting on them.

Maybe we have too many independent contractors in Congress these days.  Especially in the Republican Party.  You'd think among all those men and women in the House there would be a core group who could get together on a policy and convince the rest to, in essence, lead follow or get out of the way. But they don't get out of the way.  They dig in their heels and prevent any chance of a cohesive agreement.

The Democrats love to bully and intimidate.  That's because winning is the only way and they are the least fractured of the two parties at this particular time.

We know from the State of the Union speech, if not before, where the President is coming from.  There is no question.  I'm on the losing side.  I do think we have a spending problem.  Not only do we spend too much we also spend on projects that had better have been left to the states or to the private sector.

The President has no interest in friend or foe outside our borders so the world will go it's own way without any form of guidance what-so-ever.  I believe we will pay for abdicating our position as leader of the free world and so will others who have depended on us. It saddens me that it's no longer deemed important.

I watch the parties scrap like junk yard dogs, snarling and gnashing their teeth at one another with the only concern being winning their point.  It doesn't matter what is best for the country.  It has become no more than a patch of dirt on which to do battle.  Unlike me, fewer and fewer are paying enough attention.  Who can blame them?  As I said, it gets so tiresome and it never changes. Then to add insult to injury, under-informed voters come to the fore during the silly season and vote for the most ludicrous of reasons, usually self-indulgent ones.

When I was born FDR was President.  The first I was aware of was Truman.  I remember seeing the headlines about Dewey beating him. Wrong. I've seen many since. Some have been better than others to be sure but I don't believe there was ever one as detached from the people as our current one.  Whether you agreed with their ways or not, they were for God and country, not self. What has happened to that?  I ask the same of Congress.  I ask the same of our own local politicians.

Self used to be paired with reliance.  No more.  Basically I'm doing no more than preaching to a one person choir.  Why?  I keep waiting for the pendulum to swing back but I don't see that it has reached the end of the arc it is now following.  Heck, I'm even too old for my own mood swings!  Oh well, maybe the sun will come out tomorrow.

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