Friday, February 22, 2013

Shame? Rush Shouldn't Be Alone In This

There is much being said about Rush Limbaugh proclaiming he is  ashamed of his country.  I don't agree with Rush on a lot but I do understand where he is coming from here.  I'd have slightly different terminology - like angry, incensed, disgusted for starters.

I'd also have said something more than my country. One by one. I'll start with the President for lying to us time and time again, not caring if the proof is on tape or not.  For putting his own agenda before that of the country.  For the contempt he has for us. And for making it blatantly obvious one of his goals is to destroy the opposition party.  What kind of man is he?  He is not what a leader should be when he ignores all advice other than his own to himself.

Next let's take Congress.  I've done enough on them, but for reminders, the Republicans for not growing beyond their own internal pettiness and for the Democrats marching in lockstep with their leadership knowing full well what it's doing to the country.

The media.  I've done a lot on them too.  They have not served the people well for years.  They've become as nasty and trivial as commenters on social media.  In fact they more resemble social media than journalists.  There is no media outlet on the air that is all news; they are all at least half tabloid.

Finally there is the rest of us.  We've re-elected a man because of what? He played to our weaknesses,  fears and self indulgences and we bought into it. As for our attitudes toward Congress, we're as divided as they are.  We remind me of the ancient Romans watching gladiators do battle with a blood lust that permeates the very fabric of our society.  Thumbs up or thumbs down?  The more able predators win.

It amazes me how we can get so upset over the exaggerated and ridiculous struggle over the second amendment we are now suffering through yet are impervious to everything else being done to us.  Does it have to be so elementary as the threat of having a material object taken from us or denied us to get our attention?

As for the media, why do we give them a pass?  We should be demanding the truth from them, not  a protection agency for liberal agendas. We should be expecting, no, demanding the truth from the President too, not the misrepresentations of claiming police, fire and first responders are going to be laid off en masse when they aren't even Federal employees among other acts of political theater.

I'm with Rush.  I'm just so tired of the same hand being played over and over, the same contentious attitudes prevailing over truth and reason and the numbers of citizens who are either unaware of what's happening or just don't care.

I've tried not caring.  It hasn't worked because I do.  I know what's missing today because I was around before that life disappeared.  We've had bad times before - the depression, too many wars and we've always fought our way back to the top.  But then we never had leadership who wanted us to be less than we can be and less than the world wants us to be.  We have it now though and I can only guess it's because it's because we no longer believe in ourselves and find it easier to buy into what others tell us we should be.

Now that's something of which to be ashamed.

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