Saturday, August 03, 2013

If You Can't Beat Them, Confuse Them

The American People, that is.  Not so long ago the President told us al Qaeda was all but dead and gone.  Then we had Benghazi which has spawned not only a contradiction but cover up upon cover up.

Now we have dozens of U.S. Embassies scheduled to close tomorrow due to 'credible' threats from - who else? Al Qaeda.

So what's going on here?  Is the administration trying to give credence to the NSA's information gathering by exposing this threat?  If nothing happens they can then say, "See how valuable it is?  We were able to thwart this massive threat."

I for one don't think the terrorist organizations are dumb nor uninformed as to what we do to track them.  I think there is a good possibility they're jerking our chain much as the Russians, Chinese and North Koreans so love doing. If a massive, multifaceted attack is planned I can't see them signalling it to the extent they apparently have.  Also, why if it is expected to be so massive, haven't they done more than warn travellers and personnel in the threatened areas to vacate or avoid it all together rather than just a caution?

Is it just a misdirection while attacks are really planned elsewhere while the attention is focused on North Africa and the Middle East?  Or is it a massive misdirection in an attempt to show the administration is on top of it?

It is puzzling at best.  Will tomorrow come and go with a big nothing and we all sigh in relief yet just down the road on September 11 it starts all over again?

Time will tell. Misdirection, obfuscation and mass confusion seems to be the hallmark of this administration.  Like what was the CIA really doing in Benghazi and if it was so innocent why not tell us or let the personnel be interviewed rather than be threatened, relocated and names changed?

I'd like to wager on what the Sunday closures are all about but I can't.  Only those who caused them know and they aren't talking.  If it isn't purposeful confusion by the administration, I'd think the NSA's listening program's value is questionable at best.  Or do they think they can keep us in line by scaring us one more time?

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