Wednesday, August 14, 2013

NAACP And Everyone Else Concerned, Lighten Up!

They're masks, people.  Just masks!  To try to make a raunchy spoof  by a rodeo clown into something racist and inciting violence is just plain ridiculous!

I wager the people complaining the loudest have never been to a rodeo.  Have I?  Yes.  Being married to a Montanan and having lived in the rural west it comes with the territory.  I even have relatives who participate.

So some found the clown's joke offensive.  Just as many thought it funny. And it was mild when compared to some of the rhetoric to come out of Congress about said President and each other.

Rodeo is a rough and tumble sport.  Political correctness is the last thing on their minds as is siccing a bull on the President or anyone else.  That's the whole purpose of the clowns in the first place - to distract a dangerous beastie should it be needed.

So NAACP please.  You don't have to make everything racist. You do nothing but drive the wedge deeper when you call upon the DOJ and Secret Service to "investigate" this young man. Go to the rodeo, mix with the crowds.  Listen to the chat.  You'll find it anything but politically correct but hardly incendiary.  What's incendiary is the attention you draw to what you judge to be unacceptable humor.

If everyone who has taken a shot at the President is investigated that's all the DOJ and SS would be doing! Congress would be doing even less than it is now. It would wipe out late night comedy shows. FOX pundits would be out of work.

Halloween is not too far off.  You might want to see which masks are the most popular this year.  I'll wager on Barack and Hillary.  Nixon has been good for years.  I also read that some costume shops couldn't give away McCain.

Is everyone who wears a mask to be accused of mocking the person he's hiding behind?  If so, so what?  But to be considered a possible perpetrator of violence?  To be investigated?  Please!

If you want the rest of the country to get over what you consider undue prejudice against colored people, which of course, the President is one, then get over yourselves.  Most of us don't apply race and violence to everything that happens in the course of our day - unless someone like you brings it to mind.  It's fine when warranted.  Just make sure it is. Otherwise you really do look like clowns.

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