Sunday, August 04, 2013

Rancor Within The Ranks

In a way I'm happy to see the power struggle within the ranks of the Republican Party.  Leadership is weak and consensus non-existent.  They need both.

Who can get excited about Mitch McConnell or John Boehner?  Both persona's shout BOR-ING.

The same can be said about Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid too.  And they're having some of the same problems as the Republicans.  The young bucks don't toe the line. New leadership is needed on both sides of the aisle and the young bucks need some schooling that current leadership seems unable to provide.

The Republicans seem to have a problem with defining terms.  Like what exactly is a conservative these days?  Is it the belief in small government and fiscal responsibility or is it that plus all the 'conservative' social issues which have no place in governance?  It needs to be cleared up.

To make matters worse they seem to have a problem deciphering the difference between compromise and capitulation.  They have a tendency to cave to what the liberals want while getting nothing in return.  On the other hand they can be incredibly, stupidly stubborn like thinking they can defund Obamacare with the threat of shutting down the government.  Obama is never going to go along with it so why waste the effort?  There is no positive outcome should they insist on trying.

Their time could be better spent.  Instead of fighting like they do with the Democrats among themselves, they ought to sit down privately and talk through their differences.  When the continuing resolution vote comes around in September it would be wise to come forward with a unified face.

Or are they beyond having the ability to do so?  Are they so caught up in animosity with anyone who disagrees they are blind to what they're doing to their own party, never mind the country.

There won't be a viable third party before 2016 but there might as well be - a third, a fourth, maybe even a fifth because the voters will follow where their personal interests lie without regard for the country as a whole.  The social conservatives will follow a Rick Santorum. Centrists may follow a Chris Christy.  Those with a Libertarian/isolationist bent will look to a Rand Paul.  All under the guise of Republicanism. Yet none of them actually are because they don't follow a main stream.  Thus a divided party adding to an already divided country.

Until the end of September.  That's all the time they realistically have because campaigning for 2014 will be heating up.  If the Democrats take the House and hold the Senate it's all over for the duration. By 2016 the country will be beyond recognition from what it had been to generations past and quite likely beyond redemption for generations to come.

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