Wednesday, September 04, 2013

What A Mess

As expected the Senate has passed a resolution that will lead us to war if passed by the House.

It amazes me how the scope of blame for the Syrian action, and we the people haven't seen proof that it was the regime rather than a radical wing of the rebels who actually unleashed the chemicals, has spread from our President's inaction to the fault of the whole world including Congress.

So what's next?  Who knows but I'm willing to wager it will be more than outlined in the resolution.

I have embedded it for your reading pleasure.  I get uncomfortable with the very first sentence and it goes on from that point.  There are too many vagaries for my comfort zone.

That being said, I just don't trust this President to limit himself to what is laid out.  Since he is comfortable enforcing law as he sees fit rather than obeying thir dictates,  I have no reason to believe he will abide by any ole resolution coming out of Congress if it suits his purpose to not do so.

Now I read where the Arabs are willing to  finance the entire war if we will fight it.  Wow.  Heck of a deal. If it's true.  Why don't they fight it themselves.  The United States military is not a mercenary group that hires itself out!  Is it?

I see escalation written all over this. I'm tired and afraid.  Tired of trying to make sense of this administration and afraid for every member of the military and their families.  I think I'm stressed.  I cannot begin to imagine what they're going through.  And for what?


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Word Tosser said...

our minds are in the same set.. my post for tomorrow is in the same line..
I hated it when Bush was President and they passed a rule that the President could start war with out Congress approving it.. I hated it because of what Bush could do.. but even more.. what the future President could do... and here we are... my fears coming true.. I like you, don't understand why the other countries aren't up in arms. And why doesn't Arab's do it themselves.. they have had one of the best Air Force second maybe to ours.. maybe better.. they have been going to the War College in my home town of Newport, R.I. since the 1950's... why don't they do their own work. So they want our troops to die for them..not theirs?