Monday, October 14, 2013

All Sides Now - Deaf, Dumb And Blind

 I couldn't believe the headline on the Yahoo news site saying both parties aim to score political points off the shutdown.  Sheesh!  It hasn't even been resolved as I write this and the pols are already slapping each other on the back saying, "Well done!"

Hardly.  We know how it goes.  The Republicans are going to claim that they really tried by putting forth how many mini bills trying to make the Dems look bad by not passing them.  The Dems are going to blame the Republicans for all that is not happening because of the Republican caused shut down like FEMA aid for the South Dakota ranchers who have lost nearly 75% of their herds due to an early and severe blizzard.

Well, boys and girls, if all of you had done your job none of this would have been necessary.  My bet is you are still ignoring the truth of why you're in Washington in the first place which is to take care of the country's business; not to finesse non-stop campaigns for your political lives.

The President too has to share in the blame game.  One, he has allowed it to go on for his own personal agenda showing 100% concern for that which leaves 0 for the country.

To already be figuring how to make political points disgusts me no end.  I've seen two fairly reasonable politicians in all of this mess.  Joe Manchin, D - WVA and Susan Collins, R - ME.  Where is everyone else?

Ted Cruz and his bunch were at the veterans memorial grandstanding along with Sarah Palin who was there for the publicity.  Why else?  Greta Van Susteren was there with camera crew in tow looking for footage thus ratings for her show which will air tonight.  Come on.  The veterans were making their point well enough without political help.  In fact the fewer political faces the better to make their point but no, there were those who had to make sure the limelight was shared.

I'll be watching the aftermath of the agreement whenever it comes to see who is doing the most strutting.  Their contributions to the mess will be the first I check.

Collectively, however, they should all be ashamed.  They're putting out lousy legislation, too many regulations and those given the task of overseeing the implementation are utterly incompetent.  It's no wonder they won't listen to reason of any sort.  They're not competent enough to understand what reason is.

If that isn't true then then we're the ones who are deaf, dumb and blind.

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