Tuesday, October 15, 2013

...And The Beat Goes On...

The continuing soap opera coming out of D.C. would be laughable if it wasn't so serious.

First thing this morning, west coast time, we waited anxiously for Speaker Boehner and the House leadership to announce a new plan.  Last night they had been cut of of the dealing due to lack of movement and the Senate was said to be making progress.

Well, you can't have that! Finally after much delay the Republican leadership paraded before the microphones and cameras to tell us they didn't have a plan yet but were definitely working for for fairness for all the people.

You'd think by now they'd realize that Obamacare is off limits in these negotiations but those squeaky wheels insist on beating their heads against the wall. It's time for Speaker Boehner and his fellow moderates come up with a new strategy.  The Tea Party element is killing them.  So here's the new strategy.

Quit worrying about being challenged in the primaries by Tea Party approved candidates.  They're making such a bad name for themselves they're ruining their own chances.  Let's face it, if it hadn't been for them the CR and debt limit would be old news by now.  Until the next time, I grant you.

But it gets worse. I was listening to the noon news and heard Ted Cruz and a conglomeration of Tea Part cronies from both the House and Senate were huddling in  secret in the basement of a gin joint called Tortilla Coast.  I kid you not! Well, maybe not so secret.

What were they doing?  Figuring more ways to keep the monkey wrench in the pile?  Both Boehner and McConnell should tell them to go pound sand.  Band with the Democrats, get the CR and debt ceiling business done and gird themselves for the next fight which can be Obamacare if they insist.

Actually it looks more and more like it's going to meet its demise on it's own because they can't get it rolled out and more and more people with some actual knowledge and clout are becoming more vocal.  Besides, foreign policy needs some serious atttention in case you haven't been following that too.

So what's next with Cruz and The Cronies? Maybe putting such a punitive a tax on Botox shots that Nancy Pelosie would have to reveal her real face?  Along with several other ladies of high office?  I'd love it.  Then we could move on from racism, like the vet that had a Confederate flag along with the American one he was waving in front of the White House on Sunday.  Gasp.  Black people live there!

Yep.  On to sexism! They think they're having a tough time with the Democrats and White House?  Wait until they get the Ladies of the Houses mad at them.  Hell hath no fury...

...to be continued.

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