Friday, October 18, 2013

Egocentric Government - It Has Nothing To Do With Us

I've been thinking about why politicians, from the President on down are so bull headed and nasty.  They are a totally egocentric bunch and we are left out of the equation.

I won't say that all members of Congress are stupid though they certainly act that way more often than not. Those who do, do it for survival. This last debacle is the perfect example of how and why.

Ted Cruz has presidential ambitions.  That's a given.  To succeed he has to gain an edge on his would be competitors so he gambled  by tying Obamacare defunding to the budget and default debate.  He lost.  It isn't that he wasn't forewarned that it was a suicide march.  Everyone from more experienced colleagues to constituents  to pundits told him so but he did it anyway.  Why?

He'll be the first to tell us it was for us.  I don't think so.  It was for his own future.  Not because he didn't know better but because the 31 year old President of Heritage Action, the one who orchestrated the whole ordeal, used his position to threaten sitting officials with primary challenges.

So who is this power monger, Michael Needham?  He's president of Heritage Action, the lobbying arm of the Heritage Foundation, probably the best known of the conservative think tanks.  To me, advanced in years as I am, I question the wisdom of a 31 year old. As with Obama, he lacks the real world experience to be dictating policy.  But dictate he did.

Now he admits, after the damage has been done, that Obamacare won't be repealed until at least 2016 if at all but is proud as punch of the uproar he caused.  He figured we wouldn't get how bad this legislation has been constructed by ourselves.  No one is so obtuse as to not have noticed the roll out thus far has been a disaster.

I'm tired of the influence these think tanks hold over our politicians.  And tired of how our politicians bow to them. If they were truly serving their constituents they wouldn't be following Pied Pipers of the special interest groups.  It is, however, all about the money that will flow to their future campaigns if the bidding is done.

Consider the Heritage Foundation for just a minute.  It's current President is former Senator Jim DeMint, R-SC.  He is an ideologue happy being surrounded with fellow ideologues even if it means losing. No political party can survive with this type of governing philosophy.

This is but one example of many.  All parties fall prey to the such movements.  They distort truth to the point it's difficult to decipher.  We lose.

I had a brief moment of hope when I saw four people introduced to debate the budget issues before the next go round.  It lasted until I read that the entire committee will consist of 29 members. People with agendas made that decision.  Twenty nine ideologues in one room.  What do you get?  Nothing. we've been there and done that how many times?

One more time.  We lose.  Special interests and outside influences other than constituents be damned!

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