Wednesday, October 02, 2013

They Deserve Better

It started with sequestration when White House tours were canceled.  Not suspended for they have not yet been put back in practice.  Because they cost the government a stupendous $17,000 a week.  How many of those tours could be run for the cost of one of the President's golf outings  for which we pay dearly?

Now we have another crisis on our hands.  The funding of government programs in return for a variety of choices in trying to mend the debacle in the making that is Obamacare.  Nix.  Nothing.  Shut down everything that will be a disruption to the everyday citizen like barricading the World War II Memorial where Honor Flights of veterans come often. This memorial was privately funded and is staffed with unpaid volunteers.  The excuse for the barricade is that park staff is qualified to give CPR.  You know, I rather think those who accompany the veterans on these trips also have knowledge of the technique and as far as I know 911 works even in D.C.

This is nothing but pure pettiness.  Say what you will about the stupidity of how the Republicans have been handling the Obamacare debate, but the Democrats, especially the White House, should be given no slack when it comes to their response.

The youngsters and the veterans, the future of our country and those have served it well, have both been slapped in the face by this White House. It has disgraced itself beyond words.

What, I wonder, are we in between the two generations going to do about it?  It's time, you know.


Betty said...

What do you suggest the Democrats do, cave in on every idiotic demand made by the ignoramouses in the Tea Party the way the Republicans have? Obamacare is not going to be overturned, no matter how many snit fits the Republicans throw. It's going to be too popular and help too many people. It's already helping. All sweeping legislation has glitches and needs tweaking.

I seriously doubt that a few golf games would break the budget.Even George W. Bush says Obama deserves to play golf whenever he can.

Mari Meehan said...

Come on Betty. I haven't been defending the Tea Party Republicans nor the Republican leadership but you certainly can't give Obama an A for leadership can you?

By the way, this is the first time I've ever seen you refer to George W in a positive way. Do you feel ok?

Betty said...

Mari: No A for leadership. Maybe B or B- - but Ds for the Tea Party. I know so many of them, it has made me very cynical about their sincerity or lack thereof. And, the ones I know are raging racists. I live in a nest of them. In fact, the KKK headquarters are just outside of town.

I have said positive things about "W", mostly after he was out of office. lol

Mari Meehan said...

Hold your breath Betty. I agree with you about the Tea Party. They didn't start to be what they've been turned into but the moniker is now poison. The Republicans had best figure it out!