Friday, November 22, 2013

Racist? Why Not Multicultural?

When I read that a school principal in Oregon said that eating or even talking about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich could be considered racist, I began to wrack my brain. What about this staple from my childhood and still a quick go to favorite have about it that's racial?

Is it racial if you use white bread?  Maybe because the white bread is encompassing the brown peanut butter and the red jelly?  What about where the pb and j are combined in  nice even stripes in one jar?  What does that do to the equation?  Besides, not all jelly is red.  Some is yellow or orange or purple.  How is that racist?  Especially the purple?

Then I thought that it's really more of a symbol of multiculturalism.  White and red or yellow or orange along with the brown all together, combining to make one beautiful and tasty repast representing a multitude of races.

Then I read on.  It isn't about the peanut butter and jelly at all.  It's about the bread and the name we've given the concoction.  A - sandwich!

This, according to the powers that be is indicative of our exercising our "white privilege".  I didn't even know there was such a thing.  But, for those poor souls coming from other cultures who do not have sandwiches as such don't seem to perform as well.  They have pitas or maybe wraps or tortas or some such.  This supposedly makes them feel inferior?  This particular school has what they call Courageous Conversations, an examination of news items to see what racist "white privilege" is displayed.  This to fulfill a mandate to improve the education particularly of black and brown boys.

First it was a war on words that are considered racist - like squaw and Redskins.  Then came the war on books which exposed the youngsters to things they already knew but their parents didn't know they knew.  Now it's words of common usage regarding the food we eat.  No wonder they don't learn anything practical in school.  The teachers are too busy trying to unteach them.  Forget it.  There's this thing called the Internet.  Kids can find out about anything their little hearts desire.

Me?  Well, I am finally going to quit fighting the obvious.  I spend a lot of time criticizing the policies of our President and his administration and am considered a racist because of it. Oprah says so.  Al Sharpton says so.  So many say so I'm tired of denying it.

 This is just the final nail in my coffin.  I am  a racist.  That's a "White Privilege" word too isn't it?  If you think about it.  But the real reason is because I do eat sandwiches.  Besides pb and j's, I love BLTs and French dips and Ruebens.  I also love tacos and gyros and egg rolls.  They are all sandwiches of a sort aren't they?  Maybe I'll be okay if I quit thinking that way and see the error of my ways.

No, on second thought,  I'm going to give up.  A sandwich by any other name is still a sandwich.  If that makes me a bona fide racist, so be it.


marlu said...

I usually don't bother to comment on crazy ideas but that Oregon principal is nuts if that is from his mind.
I really was amazed at what Oprah said. My feeling is lumping all folks of a certain age, or certain color, or certain anything is racist. When I was a kid I knew it wasn't fair that the Hispanic and Black kid had to sit in the balcony at the movies. Except, we used terrible words like Mexicans and Negroes with no malice meant....that's what they called themselves then (1940's)

Word Tosser said...

I am so sick of the name game.. I will do as I please.. say what I have been saying for years.. and if people don't want to hear it... then they don't have to hang around with me.. Politically correct is so much crap.