Thursday, December 26, 2013

Over Too Soon ~ Back Too Soon

It all begins sometime mid-summer.  The decorations and lights begin to appear in the stores and you think, oh, please!  The intensity builds for months.  Once it had been merely weeks but no more.  By the time Christmas day actually arrives it's almost anticlimactic.

Yet I hate to let it go.  Yesterday was as near perfect as a lazy day can get.  Hub had kitchen duties though being a magnanimous soul, I did help with all the clean up.  In between, however, I got to laze in my chair, listen to Christmas music or watch schmaltzy movies on the tube.  No headlines, no real news, not even bad weather in these parts.  Nearly perfect.

Today I'm dragging my feet.  I came out to scan the headlines but wish I hadn't.  They didn't miss a beat.  More Obamacare problems, more death and destruction and man showing his inhumanity to his fellow man.  It just never stops!

It's too bad.  Yesterday I was actually in a great mood.  I even sang along to some of the music and there was no dog howling in protest. It's the only good reason for there not being a dog.  The presence of one would have changed near perfect to perfect.  No matter. At times you accept that you can't have it all and thoroughly enjoy that which you do.

Why couldn't the world stop and take a breath? The greeting in my previous post was a compilation of how different countries wish one another a Merry Christmas.  There are so many of them you realize we are not alone in this holiday though I doubt many other countries fight the same inane wars against it that we do.

But it's over.   When the radio alarm came on this morning there was no more Christmas music. Over.  Done.  All with the passing of one day.  Sigh.

I may well drag my feet this last week of the year.  Unless of course the headlines reach fever pitch and beg to be addressed.  For now, however, the mellow feeling lingers. I need to run to the store and get some eggs.  How ordinary and simple and real.

No worry though.  Building toward Christmas once again is but a few short months away - mid-summer.  How droll is that? I'll be there, out and about, and thinking, oh, please!

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