Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Who Said Incomes Have To Be Equal?

Remember when America was thought of as the land of opportunity?  When immigrants couldn't wait to come here because they knew with hard work anyone could make it?

Soon it will be nothing more than a memory if the President succeeds in his quest for income equality.  Obviously thinking he is a latter day Robin Hood he is intent on knocking those blankety blank rich down to size.

After all, that is exactly what Obamacare is all about.  Taking from the young and healthy to pay for the old and not so well.  This type of thinking goes against the grain of what made America great.  The ability for those who work hard to succeed.

Why doesn't the government look at the real reasons there is such disparity.  After all, we are regulated to death and taxed beyond belief.  Except for all the exceptions that government has given to their cronies.  Look at the tax incentives the state of Missouri is offering Boeing to get them to build a plant there, as an example.  Look at all the breaks given to Unions.  And green energy experiments that fail because they're not yet ready for prime time.  The free market has shown that yet still money is thrown at them.

Now the fight is over minimum wage.  They're trying to redefine what minimum wage jobs are supposed to be.  Entry level.  They aren't meant to be careers.  But should the increases go into effect the fast food industry, for one, will die.  To cover cover costs prices will go up and there is a point where a Big Mac will be priced right out of the market.  That pesky free market.

This is an area government should stay out of, not entrench itself.  Look at how successful Cash for Clunkers was.  It destroyed the used car market. Look at the stimulus.  More money was spent on signs telling us a project was due to stimulus money than spent on the actual projects.  They weren't as shovel ready as thought.  Remember?

We have oversight agencies.  Why are they not doing their jobs?  If they were, the financial institutions who were inclined to push the envelope would not have gotten so out of control.  Or the government agencies themselves.

Close the loopholes in the tax laws and if you insisit on equalization of something, equalize the tax burden.  Make Unions play by the same rules as everyone else.  Make the government have to comply with the laws they pass.  No more Harry Reid exempting his staff from Obamacare for crying out loud. No more secretary shalls.

It's not the income that needs to be equalized nearly as much asthe burdens placed on earning it.  If the President has his way he won't have to worry about immigration reform.  No one will be wanting to come here.  Our education system is below par.  That is one reason they came.  If we continue to make staying to work nearly impossible they won't bother trying. They'll stay home.  Like in India where we outsource so much because it's less expensive than to do the work on our own soil.

Nope.  It's not what's earned or not earned. It's what the powers that be have done to the American worker with their oh such infinite wisdom - and greed.  

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