Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lost In The Process

I am not going to watch the State of the Union speech tonight.  I'm just not up to it.  It will be nothing new.   The President will lay out his intentions and  lay the ground work to blame the Republicans if he isn't successful.  Nothing new.

His tone will be confrontational, not conciliatory.  I'm not sure he even knows what it means.  With all the talk that goes on about bullying, from my observations the President and  Harry Reid are the biggest bullies in the country.  Yet they never seem to be called on it.  People are too conscious of having to be politically correct to be able to speak truths without somehow softening them.

I cannot sit and listen to the President's plans to pull the country further to the left.  To continue spending money unchecked.  And most of all, his blatant contempt of the rule of law. Even if I agreed with everything he is trying to do, I would still have a great deal of trouble with the way he is doing it.  He is ignoring process and procedure as are his top underlings.  They do it so cavalierly it makes me boil.

For a man who is supposedly a Constitutional scholar, he obviously has a great deal of disdain for it and by default the people it is meant to protect.  My resentment for that attitude has grown to Vesuvian levels.

Worse yet, I know the President alone is not guilty of these attitudes. When I look at Washington I see men and women we've sent to serve us caught up in a big game of power grabbing that has no rules and really no sides.  They're all after the same thing - power. The power to advance their ideology. How they get it makes no difference.  The only thing that changes is which party is playing offense and which defense and that's determined strictly by who holds the most cards.  Even the cards aren't dealt fairly thanks to gerrymandering.

For now the President proceeds glibly throwing his weight around because he can.  Because he holds the most cards.  There is not one iota of leadership in play any more than real concern for the welfare of the country and it's citizens. When the Republicans win, all their breast beating rhetoric will be transferred to the newly aggrieved Democrats and the Republicans will glibly take over the 'our way' stance. Pay back.  Of course.  That's how it's played.

In the meantime we've sacrificed nearly all that we once had been.  Because we're merely spectators.  We don't play the game.  Either we don't understand it, don't see what's happening, or like the government players, really don't care.

So be it. I'm tired.  Maybe it's the weather.  One can tolerate only so much gray.  As for what's said tonight, it will be analyzed and reanalyzed for days to come.  I don't have to be front row center.

Maybe, in my own review of what's said I'll see or hear something heartening, but I'm not holding my breath.

I sound depressed? You nailed it.  Aren't you?


Betty said...

You might have been surprised. He was quite conciliatory and upbeat. Not confrontational, other than a rather mild statement that he hopes there won't be 40-something more votes trying to repeal a law that is on the books and working.

Other than that, it was the same old pie in the sky that we hear from all presidents every year.

I wish they'd go back to the original practice of just sending the speech to congress and let the house and senate leaders just read it to the lawmakers and be done with it.

Word Tosser said...

I wish Congress would take away the executive orders.. he has abused it more than any other president that I can remember.. Should be only 2 in 4 years.. then they would have to really think about how they use it.. but Congress isn't going to do that. because the Republicans don't want it used against them, when they get another one of them back in.

Margie's Musings said...

We have to go back to Grover Cleveland to find a president who has used his presidential powers less then Obama.