Sunday, January 19, 2014

No Consequences Rule

You can't hop a ride on a cable car in San Francisco today.  Why?  Because of a football game that isn't even being played in that city.

The powers that be are worried, whether win or lose, fans will attack and do damage to the iconic cable cars along with everything else.  At least the cars can be taken out of service and away from unruly mobs.

When Hub told me this I just shook my head and wondered aloud what has become of America. "No consequences," was his reply.

"How true," I thought.  From the highest reaches of government to the lowliest of sports fans,  we turn away from bad behavior rather than facing it head on and saying, "Enough!"  It's easier to hide cable cars than to confront those who would destroy them.  It's easier to give our leaders a pass than say, "You're wrong and I'm not afraid to tell you so!" We don't even have the gumption to vote the most egregious out of office, no matter the party.

Look at how our President plays loose with the Constitution when it suits his political aims.  Look how the Supreme Court can find wiggle room where there shouldn't be any.  And look at Congress.  The Republicans have made themselves into the party of complaining.  Mostly about big government and over spending.  We don't buy into it as much as we should because the Republicans thrive on it as much as the Democrats.

Look at how Harry Reid is a one man brick wall for all the Republicans want to do.  We don't buy into it as much as we should because we know there would be a Republican doing the same thing if they controlled the Senate.

Look at the sports page of any newspaper.  It often resembles a police rap sheet more than sports reporting.  Rape, spousal abuse, drugs and drinking, shootings. Too many of the too much too soon crowd defend themselves by claiming they aren't role models. Well, yes they are whether or not they want to be.  In a sports crazed society any athlete with the talent to make the pros is automatically a role model.  Such is the way the minds of the young and impressionable work.

As for those who destroy in the name of celebration, they know the chances of being identified are slim to none.  The police fear wading in and bashing a few heads because they know charges of police brutality will follow. Instead they hide as best they can that which might be damaged.  All except that which is damaged most.

The psyche of the American public.  Those who at one time valued our country, our image and our sense of self. No longer.  Today we have a culture that says anything goes.  There are no personal consequences so why not?  The damage done after this year's play offs will be long forgotten by the time next year's roll around.

Those who flaunt justice and law today will do so again tomorrow betting it will soon be forgotten amid new indiscretions. If not, all need be uttered is "What difference, at this point, does it make?"

That's all that's needed unless we stand up, shake off our fear and/or apathy, and shout back en masse, "It makes all the difference in the world!"  Then actually do something about it.


marlu said...

I agree with your observations but have one question: What is it that the Republicans want to do?
Reduce the deficit is a good one but their method of doing it is what I disagree with. (Never end a sentence with a preposition - sorry, Miss Lewis, English teacher.)
I would reduce foreign aid and military hardware. And quit fighting other people's wars.

Mari Meehan said...

Marlu, I wish I could answer your question. So would most people, I think, who want something other than what we have now. Voting on a wing and a prayer hasn't proven to be a very good way to go but I don't see the Republicans doing anything to change that perception. Not much help I'm afraid!