Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Death Of The Middle East

If you've been watching the news you know the situation in the Middle East is dire.  The new reports on the systematic torture and death of thousands of Syrians make my blood curdle.  Even when the photographs are edited to make them less graphic.

I've long ago quit worrying about our moral responsibility to put an end to the bloodshed.  The President opted out when the method was poison gas and the victims were children. Instead he made a deal with the devil to escape any moral responsibility.  Any responsibility at all.

It goes beyond that, however.  It didn't take long for the rebels whom we could have supported to be infiltrated by those wanting to make any new regime in their own image.  So now it's a three way war.
Some how denying access to medical aid and the most basic of foodstuffs isn't as bad as chemical weapons.  No matter that the people have been reduced to eating cats and rats if they are able to find and catch them being near death themselves.

This is just Syria.  Think about what they're doing to themselves.  They're killing themselves.  Not only children, but those who are of an age to bear children. Given enough time, there will be no one left.

Now let's go back to Iraq where we withdrew all our troops.  They are engaged, once more, in a bloody
civil war where the loser is having the most radical version of Islamic law reimposed. In Afghanistan the same is about to happen.  Do you for a believe Obama will choose the 10,000 troop option over zero troops?  The radical fringe is betting he won't and are just waiting.  Afghanistan cannot defend itself against them.

Iran has suckered us into believing they're going to play nice and give up their nuclear ambitions.  While we fall prey to that scheme they continue to threaten Iraq if they don't keep supply lines open to Syria so they can continue supplying troops and weaponry to Assad.

And now Pakistan is back in the news.  For quite some time Islamists have been killing aid workers trying to inoculate the children against polio.  It is running rampant.

Good news came that there seems to be some progress in efforts to release the doctor who helped us nail bin Laden.  The bad news is that his ploy was one of these inoculation exercises but that is was a sham set up by the CIA.  The end result is that every innocent aid worker trying to save the children are predetermined to be spies for the CIA.  The result?  Parents are afraid so they stay away from access points.

Again, a generation plus of the young will suffer death from disease while their parents die in the most unimaginable battles of just trying to save life and limb.

Maybe this is our President's policy.  Wait long enough, make the token gestures necessary to appease those few who still give us a thought, and the problem will resolve itself.  If that isn't it, then I'd suggest the President is paralyzed with fear.  That indicates to me he has no moral compass.  Rather like thinking smoking pot is no more dangerous than drinking alcohol.  That's comforting considering how dangerous drinking can be and that pot is still illegal at the Federal level.

Turn a deaf ear and a blind eye.  Like the tree falling in the forest making no sound if no one is present to hear it, perhaps war has no consequences unless someone is present to witness it.

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