Friday, February 21, 2014

Its Time To Think Outside The Box

I was commenting, a couple of days ago, that time seemed to be passing me by this winter as I wait for some forward movement on the political front.

It still isn't happening and it has occurred to me that the Republicans had better be getting their act together before time passes them by too!

Instead the squeaky wheels are still bent on self-destruction as they cannibalize their own.  I wrote before how the republican leadership had to come forward with a vote they didn't want to make to keep Ted Cruz from posing another government shutdown.

Now I wouldn't mind his zeal if there was something behind it but as with many who speak loudly, he has no stick.  No ideas.  No strategy.  Just a litany of what we can't continue doing.  Spending.  Implementing Obamacare.

Oh, yes, the Republicans claim they do have an alternative plan.  And it's true. They have a lot of them put forth by as many people as there are plans.  What, at least a half dozen or so?  The problem is they can't get together and come up with one they can agree on.  As I've said before, they're as bad as the Democrats as far as being unwilling to compromise except they won't even do it within their own party.

Okay.  It's Friday.  Time for another Dogwalk solution to chew on over the weekend.  If those in Congress won't do it then why not those who would have their seats?  It doesn't have to apply to just health care either.  The more the better.  Energy.  Immigration.  Jobs.

In this day of instant communication, all the non-incumbent candidates need to put their heads together and come up with their own policies.  And run on them. Collectively.  That would shake up the insiders.  It might even get the attention of the voters.  That's the important part.  Run on it collectively.

They don't have a lot of time but most who plan on running have already put their names forward. Go for it. Even if you only get a core group to start with, go for it.  Others will jump on board when they understand the voters are looking for something fresh that they can grab hold of and push forward. Would they on this?  Give it a try and find out!

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