Friday, May 02, 2014

Happy Daze!

Man, I can't wait to hear Jay Carney crow over this!  Unemployment is down to 6.3% according to the administration.  288,000 new jobs were created according to the administration.  Never mind that an additional 806,000 people left the work force.  Their policies are working!

What else?  Angela Merkel is in town telling the Prez that Germany businesses have said no more sanctions on Russia.  It's hurting Germany more than Putin.  Now the Prez doesn't have to make that hard decision as to what more and to whom. Syria is still bombing kids but who's watching that any more?

Sam Champion of the weather channel is in Louisville taste testing Mint Juleps in anticipation of tomorrow's Kentucky Derby. The D.C. week end weather forecast is 73 and mostly sunny. Perfect golf weather. What more could the President ask for?

The Friday evening news dump may not be so rosy but so what? No one pays attention because the week end is looming. Heck, Darrell Issa is thinking about subpoenaing John Kerry to answer questions about the Benghazi e-mail.  Kerry, who wasn't at State at the time.  John Boehner is thinking, finally, of forming a select committee to study Benghazi and  Toronto's Rob Ford is going into rehab.  Did you catch that last one?  See?  It's Friday and you weren't paying attention.

Oh well, let them crow.  Monday begins a new week and a new news cycle and the Friday dump will start getting some attention.  And the revisions to those statistics will start coming out.  Never-the-less, everyone should be able to dance to the drummer once in awhile - even if it is a different one.

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