Friday, September 26, 2014

Terror In Middle America

OMG!  I came to my office to write about our pending leniency with Iran when I saw the headline that a woman has been beheaded in Oklahoma! I'm horrified.  My brother lives in Oklahoma!

I wish I could say I'm surprised but in a very twisted way I'm not.  And the irony, remember the Oklahoma City bombing which took the lives of so many and was perpetrated by a former GI?  If terror is beyond our grasp, we had better get a grip!

It doesn't even have to be a Muslim terrorist.  Just some deranged individual who has seen the reaction of the others who have been beheaded and sees an opportunity for attention.

Now is a good time to address the Iran situation because it surely ties together.  Iran has been a large part of our woes in Iraq.  They fund terrorist organizations, we know that.  They hate Israel.  We know that.  Sanctions had slowed their pace so what are we thinking when we consider allowing them to keep half their already enriched uranium?

Hello Washington.  The rest of the world does not need them in the fight against IS or it's counterparts.  At least if the war is conducted as the generals would have it.  But no.  Our Secretary of State is desparate for a victory no matter what it entails.  Literally arming a known enemy isn't much of a victory in my book, but then who am I?

It puzzles me why the rest of the world doesn't share the urgency for action.  Is it because it has yet to hit their country?  They haven't had to comfort grief stricken parents and family?  They haven't had to see it on You Tube?  England has.  France has.  Where are they?

The horror in Oklahoma exemplifies, to me, what we're likely to see more of as long as beheading is the rage among the misfits. Perhaps it will become more of the proper type of rage now that it has happened here.  I don't care what his motives were or that perhaps he hadn't intended it to go quite that far.  But it did.  He was bent on harm. Period.

Please, Mr. Kerry and Mr. Obama.  Don't ease up on the Iranians.  World, where are you?  Stop them if it becomes likely. Life is difficult enough as is without aiding and abeiting the enemy.  We know who they are.  It doesn't matter what they choose to call themselves or what we choose to call them. Just stop them.

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