Friday, October 17, 2014

Fear Mongering And Ebola

I've stayed away from the Ebola issue thus far because nothing yet seems certain enough about the disease to write intelligently.  A few thoughts on what I do see however.

The CDC and therefore the government misread the likelihood it would reach our shores. Hospitals across the country are ill prepared to handle anything of this magnitude. The media is misstating what is known to the degree that people are most likely overly nervous. For instance I think going to the Cowboys game in Dallas is probably pretty safe.

I'm nervous to the extent I don't think we've yet seen the worst of it.  We have as director of Homeland Security a man who has no experience.  His qualification? A bundler for Obama.  Now the President has named another political hack to be the Ebola Czar.  Again, no relevant experience what-so-ever. Why?  There are highly qualified people in both the security and medical fields that could have been tapped for both positions.  Not only does it make me nervous, it makes me angry.  Not that it takes much with this bunch.

I read this morning our troops are getting a whole four hours of training before being deployed to the danger zone.  If the disease is as easily communicated as is said, you can be sure not all of them will come back.  Consider that all the tents they are putting up to contain those so inflicted are worthless without the proper medical personnel and equipment.

I see in this our usual pattern of doing something just to be seen as doing something.  Right, wrong, good or bad.

To even think of deploying reservists or national guard is criminal. Deploy needed equipment instead!

This would be boots on the ground equally as serious as in Iraq or Syria fighting ISIS. There we at least have some knowns.  With Ebola we have few and what we think we know seems to be in error too often to generate confidence.

I'm not going to suggest the actions we are taking shouldn't be.  I am suggesting this is a time to really pressure other medically advanced countries to contribute man power in the way of medical personnel, expertise and funding.

My last suggestion is to think the whole thing through rather than deploying policies willy nilly with no thought to the what ifs.  You could call it a strategy but unfortunately this administration is not proficient when it comes to creating one.  Part of strategy is the exiting part we hear so much about in war.  This too is a war that knows no boundaries, religion nor ethnicity. Fight it by all means, but do it right.  Do it to win it.

Unfortunately I'm not sure this country is able to provide that kind of leadership. The media, however, could help by ceasing to hype specious truths for the sake of ratings.


Bay Views said...

My recent posts aren't fear mongering, they are a call for our govt to do what they have to do to keep us save. I would call it outrage, not fear. Actually living in a rural area is pretty safe. I'd be afraid if I live in Chcago or NY though.

Betty said...

I'm not particularly nervous, either. That could change, of course. Of course, as I have said repeatedly, if we had a Surgeon General.......... sigh.