Saturday, October 25, 2014

Three Weeks Could Be A Lifetime

Kudos to the states that have taken the initiative to quarantine people, no matter who they are, coming to this country from the Ebola ridden nations of Africa.

Of course there are complaints about the action.  Even though the regulations have already caught the first infected person.

Ideally, every one leaving one of those nations would be quarantined over there and allowed to travel only after they've passed the quarantine period free and clear.  For whatever reason that doesn't seem to be on the drawing board so we can only look at what we have and try to better it.  Which New York and New Jersey have done with Connecticut and Illinois following suit.

It's the rationale for not doing so that troubles me.  They, whoever they are, say it would dissuade aide workers from going over.  To my way of thinking it shouldn't.  They can factor that extra three weeks into their schedule protecting not only themselves but all with whom they come in contact.  Of all people, why would an aide worker complain?

Coming in illegally is another problem to be sure, especially if one comes across a porous border where entry can be achieved without benefit of passport.  It puts a whole new emphasis on our border problems and the urgency of getting them straightened out.  Now it's not only the possibility of criminals, it's the dangerously ill.  Come on politicians!

Still, I'm thinking the media in trying to keep the Ebola saga on the front pages is doing a disservice to those who are trying to take steps over and above what the government is putting in place.  The government is not all knowing about this disease and are over burdened as is with playing catch up.  Let the states step up to the plate and enhance the programs and the media would do well to encourage it rather than finding fault.

Let's face it, three weeks isn't a lifetime. But it could be.

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