Friday, November 21, 2014

Immigration - More Questions than Answers

Well, Obama did one thing last night.  He created the expected fire storm. What struck me about his dictates is how oblivious they are to what will be both expected and unexpected consequences.

Just a few things that struck me in particular.  How everything is slanted toward Hispanics.  They are not the only illegals we have to contend with. what about our northern borders and coasts?

How are they going to verify just how long someone has been here illegally?  Take their word for it?  Do they really expect these people are going to come out from the shadows to fess up and pay a fine?  Especially if their "legalization" is for such a limited amount of time? And knowing that the next President can rescind the order?

Forgetting that the Congress couldn't get their act together over whether a comprehensive or piece meal bills should be passed, we have Harry Reid to thank that some piece meal legislation was ignored by the Senate.  No debate.  No compromise. Stamp your foot.  Dictate.

Also ignored is a pot full of needs that businesses wanted to have addressed. While this may sound nice to the Hispanics and those beating their breasts for anything that would pass, it is choke full of ambiguities, undeliverable promises and problems that if handled as it should have been would have been avoided.

We should all know that massive comprehensive legislation is doomed to failure.  All we have to do is look at Obamacare.  Even more of concern, however, are those in power who think they know best and act with self given impunity.

Obama has done nothing to mend the rift in the country nor the government.  What he has done is lessen his standing even further with  those of us worried about our democracy not to mention world leaders. Except for those who applaud his dictatorial  methods.  Those would be the ones who act in the same manner.  We call them enemies.  I don't know what he calls them.

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