Sunday, November 16, 2014

Micromanaging Government Without The Head For It

We elected a President, twice, who had questionable educational credentials, no managerial experience and no military experience.  We are now seeing the end result of electing someone we'd like have a beer with rather than one with competence.

This morning's headlines tell us of IS beheading another American.  Will there be outrage?  Will it step our military strategy?  I doubt it.

We've listened to clips all week of an MIT economist chuckling about how stupid the American voter is.  That they deliberately wrote an incomprehensible health care bill in order to get it through Congress.  Will the newly elected Republicans do better?  I hope so but even if they try their hands are tied for two more years because I see no indication that the Democrats are going to fall out of lockstep.

Actually, Gruber is right only to a degree.  We're not stupid. But we are inattentive.  There is good reason because with our floundering economy we're too busy trying to hang on to what we have.  Therefore the Democrat Senate acts with impunity at the President's direction.  Well, holding back bills so the Democrats didn't have to have a vote on their record didn't work.  The problem is, even though they've mostly been replaced, the President hasn't.

I hope this is the last time we elect a President and commander-in-chief because of his race or his like ability. We need to look more closely at their flaws. Their lack of experience.  Their egos.  Yes, their egos.  All politicians have them but Obama's far exceeds the norm.

It's no comfort that he clings to doing only that with which he's comfortable.  Demanding. Doubting his closest advisers and taking the opposite direction from their recommendations.  Because he's right.

I once supported this man.  I felt he represented the best and the brightest of his positively emerging race and he would lead us well.  I was wrong.  I didn't look closely enough.  I wanted to believe.  But only once. His race has nothing to do with my current level of disrespect. It has everything to do with his attitude because he has nothing with which to back it up.

He gives so much misinformation it's mind boggling.  But he's so smart?  Actually, no, he isn't.  If he was he'd know the public is fed up with his policies and their false promises. He'd know how other world leaders feel about him.  He's the guy who likes selfies at solemn occasions. He'd know his military expertise is nil. He'd know his economic policies are at a stalemate. He'd know his health care plan is worse than bad.  It was a lie.

Too many of us lost our head over this man too often.  Now others are paying the price in a horrific way. The next go round may we have the wisdom to elect someone who is secure enough in his or her own right to delegate and trust in those chosen to serve while we still have some remnants of a government designed to be for the people and by the people.

We have that obligation ourselves. Let's not lose our collective head again.

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