Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Good Cops, Bad Cops And Grand Juries

How could a New York grand jury have gotten it so wrong considering the turmoil  following the one in Ferguson getting it right?

In watching the Ferguson mess I felt, from information available on TV news and the papers, that the grand jury made the right decision knowing there would be outrage fomented by racist agendas. I felt the officer got a raw deal and no where nearly enough support from his peers., the public and the media.

Along with that I've heard the pundits who are also lawyers praising grand juries as a vital piece of our justice system and that evidence counts. So what do I think now?  While I agree with the decision in Ferguson it has become clear that the justice system has become politicized with media compliance.  We pretty much know how things played out.  Little was made of Michael Brown's true character nor of Darren Wilson's. Did justice prevail?  Certainly not from the officer's point of view where he has lost his career for having done his job as he had been trained to do.

Fast forward to New York where another grand jury has decided not to indict officer Daniel Pantaleo for the choke hold that lead to the death of Eric Garner who's crime was peddling untaxed cigarettes on the street and arguing with police when he was confronted. Okay.  Using choke holds in New York is illegal.  Period.  The video shows that Pantaleo used one to subdue the giant of a man. He died.  As in Ferguson the cop, along with those who helped him, were white, the perpetrator black. That's where the similarity ends.

That's according to video.  What we don't know is what this grand jury heard as evidence.  I'd like it to be made public just as was Ferguson's.  Why was the decision the same when evidence of both incidents as reported by the news is so vastly different?

It's no wonder people are outraged. The President and his surrogates should stay out of it because at this point nothing more can be seen than their color and perceived bias. White cops are now targets for every hot head on the streets looking to settle a score.  Blacks who will revert to violence will only harm their cause to an even greater degree and the rest of us are pretty much on our own!

There are cool heads on both sides but both seem to be having trouble making themselves heard. Until the decision of this grand jury is fully explained the outrage will continue.  Perhaps even after since it follows so closely on the heels of Ferguson.  My guess is that it has set race relations back decades because of misguided actions of the Farrakhans and Sharptons, football players and even members of Congress.  Misguided in some cases.  No more than ill will in others. There is no trust on either side.  It won't be easy to re-establish.

It's Christmas season.  Peace and good will toward men. If you think it was lost to the frenzy of commercialism, it's even more lost to the frenzy of self interests and lack of leadership on both sides.  The networks need to reign in the race baiters, black and white, and for once dig into a story and tell the truth of it.  Is that even possible any more?

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