Monday, December 08, 2014

Risk Management

The air waves were full of praise yesterday for the men who attempted, for a second time, to rescue an American hostage.  This time in Yemen.  And well they should be praised.  It's risky work to say the least and success depends on training, intelligence and expedience.  The expedience is what was missing.

If you remember the first attempt failed because by the time the rescuers got there the hostage had been moved. Would that have happened if the rescue plan hadn't had to go through a bureaucracy of high placed White House officials who have no business being in charge of the areas in which they are in charge? Especially the President who insists he must sign off on everything no matter how much time is wasted.

This is another example of why micro-management doesn't work.  And what happens when a President has contempt for his military advisers.

He made flowery speeches that the second attempt, which was given away by a barking dog and wary hostage holders I might add, is an example of the lengths to which we'll go to rescue a fellow American.  The trouble is the length was too long.

In trying to look at the bright side, it was said at least the enemy knows we'll come after our people and theirs are likely to die.  What wasn't factored in to that cheery news is that they don't care.  Their cause and their religious zeal outweighs any desire they may have to live. We don't understand that.

Until we do, or if we can't understand then accept, that fact they will continue to kidnap Americans and kill them.  Period.

If there is an up side to this debacle it's that the hostages weren't beheaded.  Not that being shot is preferable but I think it may be.

Our special forces will continue to do the right thing.  It's what they do.  Too bad their commander-in-chief has such a hard time coming to the same conclusion.

No one with the disdain for the military shown by this President should ever be the commander-in-chief. Remember that in 2016.

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marlu said...

I wish I had access to the information that you have that the president has disdain for the military.

I just don't see or read that anywhere except in the Republican
opinion pieces.