Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Martin Luther Who?

 I love man on the street interviews.  At least I would if I knew the people answering the questions would never be allowed near a ballot box.

Take MLK for starters.  An article on Inforwars.com  is enough to make you wonder if we educate people at all in this country.  Some thought he just died, another thought he died at the ripe old age of 93.  At least they knew he was dead.  It gets worse.  One thought he was the first African American to walk on the moon. Another, the first African American on Mt. Rushmore. Oh, of course not! That would be Obama.  How dumb are they?

I have to give credit where credit is due.  Those questioned seemed to know he was African American but were a little fuzzy in the history department when suggesting he was a popular general in the confederate army and gave the Gettysburg Address.  Rest in peace Reverend King. We're still trying to over come.  Just not the same things.

Here are a few other gems that this particular interviewer came up with.  Obamacare supporters signed petitions to support post birth abortions up to age 3 and making the euthanasia of senior citizens mandatory.  You can imagine how much I loved that one!

Some supported Karl Marx to be the next President and agreed not liking Mexican food was a "racist form of bigotry".

I know when people are on camera they don't want to look foolish and these interviewers love 'gottcha' questions, but really. Unfortunately it isn't laughable; it's downright frightening!

Just when I think it couldn't get any sillier, I guess this final one takes the cake.  Many signed a petition to grant Obama immunity for all crimes he commits while in office. Since so many of the targeted were Obama supporters it makes me wonder just what it is about him they support.

They obviously think he has committed crimes.  I wonder if it's the idea of putting drugs into fruit drinks and calling it 'abortion in a can' or adding birth control drugs to our drinking water.

Given the circumstances, I could think of a few petitions of my own I'd like them to sign.  One would be anyone participating in a man on the street interview of this sort must first surrender their voter i.d. card.  If in fact they have one. Oops. That would be racist wouldn't it.

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