Wednesday, January 07, 2015

The 21st Century Way

Without intending to Hillary Clinton has proven herself unworthy of the presidency.  Why is that?  Remember not too long ago when during a speech she talked of how we must understand our enemies and even empathize with them?

Wrong-o, Hillary.  Today five terrorists stormed the offices of a satirical magazine in Paris and killed 12 people for daring to publish satirical cartoons about the terrorist's precious Mohammad. What a guy.  Such marvelous actions he inspires.

We need neither understand nor empathize with these barbaric miscreants.  We need to eliminate them from the top down. Or the bottom up.  What ever works. Anyone who thinks otherwise is living in a fool's paradise. Do you really think they care if we understand them?  No.  Besides, what's to understand?  They hate us, they want to annihilate us and take over the world according to their own accords. What?  Do we want them to spell it out in English so we can understand it?

The more we placate them the worse they get.  We're just giving them more time to work toward their ends.  Just like the negotiations with Iran over the nuclear program they insist they don't have.  Right.

When will moderate Muslims band together and condemn these people? When will the west get more aggressive in fighting them? When will this administration get real with the world?

It won't.  The President will continue following his own drummer no matter the consequences.  It has become apparent he has no interest in jobs nor economic reform nor anything else except what he deems in his own little netherworld to be desirable.

The worry is today it's Paris.  It's getting closer.  Where next?  Coming across the pond isn't all that difficult these days. The last thing we need looking forward is another president who agrees with this one.  That is if we're still here to look forward!

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Word Tosser said...

a lot of people are just waiting for 2016.. guess my question is.. will we be still around in 2016...will there be anything left.. and if there is.. there is no guarantee that the next one will be better, no matter which party comes in.