Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What If?

Boy oh boy.  We've sent an aircraft carrier and accompanying ships to Yemen.  First it was announced that they would prevent Iranian ships from unloading weapons for the Houthi rebels.  No sooner had the ink dried on that one it was announced that no, we were just there to keep the shipping channels open.

Now the Iranians have sent a fleet of their own war ships to the area while announcing that the U.S. is a threat to them.  To say the least things are getting a bit tense.

This is what happens when someone who thinks he is all knowing tries to play all sides against one another. So what will happen if the Americans make a perceived misstep and the Iranians take umbrage to it? Will they fire on the American vessels? Would Obama allow the Americans to fire back?

What a dilemma.  All for the sake of reaching a non-agreement over Iran getting a nuclear bomb. Non-agreement?  Well, since we don't know what's in it or even what's supposed to be in it, how can it be called an agreement? They call it a frame work but it isn't even that.  The last word from Iran was the sanctions had to be lifted immediately.  Obama seems to have no problem with that and is rumored to have promised them a $50 billion bonus if they'll just sign the damn agreement!  Yep.  $50 billion.  The State Department won't deny it.

And it's still not an agreement because we get absolutely nothing in return for allowing Iran to continue enriching uranium and handsomely enhancing their economy to boot!  Does Obama really think this is going to cement his legacy as the great mediator between Iran and the rest of the world?

Personally, since I'm becoming a conspiracy theorist, I think Iran already has all it needs to put together their bomb.  I also suspect that John Kerry is doing this in hopes of getting it signed sealed and delivered so he can run against Hillary claiming he did what she couldn't.  Not that even she would want to.

I can figure no other reason why a man who has been in government as long as Kerry would go along with this debacle of a foreign policy summoned up by a delusional president.  Its a huge gamble on his part for if it fails so will he.  It isn't how he envisions going down in history, I guarantee.

I'm almost afraid to wrap this up to go tune on tonight's news. What will we have given away today? Other than what's left of our sanity.

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Betty said...

You know, of course, that the U.s. isn't the only country involved in that agreement. You like to blame him for everything, but if those other countries didn't agree with the treaty, they aren't too shy too speak up.