Thursday, May 14, 2015

Home Again And Nothing To Say

Ahhh, home sweet home.  The Killdeer chicks have hatched.  The grass has grown like topsy.  The house didn't burn down nor was it burglarized so all is well.

We spent our time away visiting the past.  Tromping through rocks looking for petroglyphs and ruins, visiting a couple of favorite trading posts in the middle of no where or Indian reservations, which ever way you choose to describe it.

Not once did we turn on the TV at night.  We just collapsed and slept like a log. It was a quiet pursuit except for the sounds of nature.  Restful, relaxing and thought provoking.  So many of the stories etched in rock are still awaiting translation into something we can understand.

It was a learning experience.  So many that we visited were based on either the solar year or lunar, to determine community activities.  When to plant, when to harvest determined on how the light strikes certain rocks at certain times of the year.   How they depicted it is amazing.  To have figured it out and etched it in stone for those who followed.

Other markings still remains a mystery.  Now, however, back to the present and what do I find?  Russia is still harassing other countries.  Jordon has turned to China for help since we never came through.  Only Bernie Sanders so far is challenging Hillary and people are teasing about running on the Republican side - or not. Bolton has bowed out.  Trump is to announce in June. Wow.

Tonight I will begin catching up on the news. Once you get past the train wreck I'm sure a lot is happening.  So - onward!

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