Friday, May 22, 2015

Slinging Mud Of A Different Kind

I'm in a rush to get some basic yard chores done before eye surgery on Tuesday.  I'm so dirty I'll have to drop my cloths in the garage before going into the house. I'm taking a break to see which way a thunder storm is going to go.  I'm tired.  A good tired from physical exercise and fresh air.

I'm getting rather used to it these days after a trip to the southwest in search of rock art to photograph. As I said, it feels good.  It gives a new meaning to down and dirty.

Never-the-less the news does not escape me.  It too is dirty.  Our continued denial about ISIS and Iran saps the fresh air from the environment.  More mistruths from Hillary.  Is she really electable?  Could it be that even though people will tell the pollsters they like her they won't actually put the X in her box?  One can only hope.

The patriot act is on shakey ground.  What's in the trade agreement is being kept secret so once again Congress is voting for an unknown. The entire world is in turmoil with Russia ever flexing its muscle as well as China.  North Korea too.

Even locally things are crazy.  Our legislators are listening to a manic Muslim turned Christian who is warning of Shia law overtaking Idaho. We even had a police officer killed in the line of duty. The shooter was caught and is in jail.  Fortunately the community came out in massive support for the officer's family. Our community, with all it's faults, is very compassionate and giving. No demonstrations.  No violence nor destruction.  Only respect and mourning.  Too bad this behavior isn't universal.

It makes me glad I have my five acres to tend.  I'm learning all kinds of skills.  Mending drip lines.  Putting in garden irrigation and so forth. For a least a while I can enjoy my kind of mud and leave the politicians to wallow in their own.

Perhaps through racoon type eyes for awhile after surgery I'll see things in a different light. Nah, probably not. Mud is mud and the source is always the same.  Dirt.

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