Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Can Trump Triumph?

Can the Presidential field get any more ludicrous than it already is? Like some horse races, if there are too many in the gate they can get hurt at the start from the crowding.

I think that may have happened to Jeb Bush last night.  I watched a bit of his interview with Hannity and literally dozed off.  Inspiring he was not.  Personally I don't think he really wants to run but forces beyond his control, like his monied supporters, pressured him into it.  Couldn't he have just said no if that was the case?

We haven't heard about a lot about many that have already declared but I'm sure we'll hear a lot about Trump even if he has to buy his own network.  He's that kind of guy.  Will he resonate with anyone?  I think he will.  Because of the best thing he has going for himself, he's not politic!  Agree with him or not he'll tell you what he thinks no holds barred.  It will be interesting to see what his policy positions will be.

I wish some of the Republican candidates would have a change of heart and save their money because their chances are nil. Pataki. Carson. Huckabee.  Not that they aren't good men, their appeal just isn't broad enough. However, there is no sign yet that anyone is willing.

Then there are the Democrats.  Who ever though Bernie Sanders could back Hillary into a corner?  He won't win but he's fun to watch and apparently a lot of people agree considering the number he draws for his speeches.

The others?  Eh.  Lincoln Chaffee and Martin O'Malley.  Basically unknowns nationally and invisible when pitted against the presumptive Hillary. The line up is a joke!

Hopefully as we near mid to late summer more Democrats will declare. Ones who aren't as far left as Hillary is being pushed.  Is the entire party really that far left?  Heaven forbid!  We having an eight year preview of what it will be like.

More Republicans will jump in and boy had they better have something to say.  Trump could annihilate them by forcing them to speak to the subject at hand rather than the usual side stepping.

It promises to be interesting watching.  Will someone credible challenge Hillary or not?  Is there anyone capable of standing out as the front runner among the Republicans?  At the moment its any ones guess!


Betty said...

Trump is just an ego-maniacal blowhard. I believe he is making a mockery of the political process, and he's not the only one. My prediction is that he will pull out before he ever signs the necessary papers to be a candidate. He has enough time to decide - over 100 days- before he has to commit. And, by then, he could have appeared in one or two debates. I think he'll pull out in time for his next season of "The Apprentice." You heard it here. lol

Mari Meehan said...

I listened to about 15 minutes of his interview with Hannity in which he used a lot of words to say absolutely nothing! He's more of a politicians than the professional politicians! I hope your expectation is correct Betty.

Word Tosser said...

They keep this up, they will need bleacher seats up on the stage for the