Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rethink The Direction Of Your Anger!

I listened to Chris Christie announce for the presidency this morning.  I heard him say Americans are not angry but yes, they are frustrated.  Well, some are angry and I suspect among those are the professional protesters.  Why else would there be calls for a mass burning of the American flag because it's only a piece of cloth that we worship while the problem is the oppressed.

Or to disarm the NYPD because they represent the powers that be.  I don't think they'd necessarily agree with that.

Back to the flag.  Yes, it is a piece of cloth and it is merely symbolism but rethink about what it represents.  Not oppression.  Rather at the moment it represents what the country once was, not what it is now.

But don't burn the flag.  Revere it and do what's necessary to return it's stature.  Protest those who have brought it to it's figurative knees.  The politicians.  Both parties are surviving and thriving on discord and it has gone beyond frightening.  It's disgusting.

Who is to blame?  Those among us who are apathetic.  Those who revere a scandal tainted Hillary Clinton above all others in the quest for the presidency.  Just because she's a Democrat?  What a lousy reason.  Because the rest of the declared democratic field is a joke?  Whose fault is that?  Pay attention!

As for the Republican field, there are some good people vying for the nomination but someone had better set a fire under themselves and soon.  Right now they all kind of blend together.  Where's the scrap?  The fight?  The indignity toward how we've fallen in world stature?  Sure they all speak to it and blame this administration but it isn't just them.  Congress is to blame.  The Court too is guilty of over stepping its bounds.  Yet we're not hearing it.  Like the old cell commercial - Verizon if I remember correctly - where the guy is always saying, "Can you hear me now?" No.  I cannot hear you.

But that's what we need.  Someone so strong the press has to pay attention.  Someone who can make headlines during every news cycle so no one can doubt who he or she is. The media isn't going to help them.  They're going to have to do it on their own. The cause, restoring the country to greatness, must become the focal point and the candidate must be the one who rallies the people.

Do we have such a person?  Maybe.  But who and where?  I throw down the gauntlet.  Is anyone willing to pick it up and run with it?  We desperately need you if you're out there.  Time's a wastin'!

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