Saturday, July 04, 2015

Let Trump Be!

Donald Trump.  The man who looks as if he is perpetually sucking on a lemon leaves just as sour a taste in many mouths.  But for heavens sake, leave the guy alone.

Gracefully said or not he speaks to the truth when saying those crossing the Mexican border illegally are not Mexico's best.  The fact they're coming here illegally should be enough to give him a pass.  Instead saying that many are rapists is what is picked up on and many are according to statistics.  Many may be perfectly fine people too, which he also said, though again, they are coming illegally.

Does his inartfullness really call for NBC and Univision cancelling contracts?  NBC known for it's truthfulness over the decades but maybe it's okay because Brian Williams is more polished and Al Sharpton is a White House crony? Macy's dropping his line of clothing?  Did you even know he had one?

Why is it we always want to bring the big guys down.  Is it their success?  The fact he doesn't have to get up close and personal with people he's never met and beg for money? Doesn't he really talk the way most of us do?  Murdering the King's English?  I'd think we could better identify with him more than the silver tongued politicians who are falling all over themselves trying to discredit him.

Do you think he even has a prayer of getting the nomination?  The pols will tell you not a chance.  Then why are they so upset? I'd worry more about Iran getting the bomb which is pretty much a sure thing at this point and who will deliver that news other than the ever so slick John Kerry?  Or maybe it will be Obama who will skew the details into a perfectly acceptable lie like has has done on so many occasions before.

Trump? Maybe they're worried because they fear he really does have a chance. He says things the way he sees them and from the attention he's getting the people are at least listening.

Let's face it.  You can't ruin the guy.  He could buy NBC and Macys if he wanted. He could arm our middle eastern allies if he wanted. Yep.  He's rich.  Mega rich. He's running for President because he doesn't like the way the country is going.  Do any of us?

Are we as sure of the motivation of 99% of the other candidates? So leave him be.  Let him have his say no matter how it comes out and in so doing hold the feet of the others to the fire. Some one needs to do it.  I can't.  You can't.  But he can because he can afford to.

So here's to The Donald.  Have at it Mr. Trump!

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