Monday, October 12, 2015

Confusion Reigns, Not Hillary

According to Hillary women in politics are supposed to be both strong and vulnerable and it isn't easy to do.  That's nonsense.  What women are supposed to appear as, not that it's hard to do.

Thinking back on women in politics from Barbara Jordan to Ann Richards to Condi Rice to Madeline Albright to Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer and even relative newcomer Carly Fiorina, all are strong and not a one seems or seemed the least bit vulnerable.

Hillary's problem is that she isn't strong and that's what makes her vulnerable.  Forget all the scandals since she first appeared on the national scene, just look at her positions and how they shift to whatever is expedient.  That's not strength.

The aforementioned women and many others came in all shapes and sizes.  Some were sharp, others were dowdy.  Some had acid tongues, others were true intellectuals.  What they had in common was they had something to say and said it with conviction.  Hillary shouts.  Tone of voice isn't conviction.

We're going through a political upheaval in this country and I can only hope that the voters have the savvy to sort it out.  It isn't going to be easy.  At least today there is no clear path to sanity.

Hillary tops the Democratic polls because other than a bad alternative no one else has risen to the top.  Maybe the debate will begin to change that but I'm not holding my breath.

The Republicans have a similar quandary. Bluster is reigning supreme even over non-political candidates though they are beginning to give Trump a run for his money.  Change doesn't come easy over ingrained and lucrative practices.  Power is surrendered reluctantly and new power isn't always what we hope.

Change is in the wind, however, and the future of this country is at stake. A candidate who says everyone opposed to him or doesn't treat him as he feels he deserves or a candidate who insists her opposition is at war with everyone and everything shouldn't prevail.

If either does it will because we just don't get it.  Not them.  Us.  They're playing to our emotions, not the other way around.

If you think we and the country deserve more only we can make it happen. Politics is dirty and no doubt always will be but it shouldn't be a blood sport with the victor making his or her loyalists wondering what int the name of God they have done.

Too many haven't gotten to that point with Obama.  Is it too much to hope that in the interim we may have learned something?  To at least pay attention?  All I know is if it is time for a woman president that woman should not be Hillary Clinton.  We don't need vulnerable in the White House.

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Word Tosser said...

Considering politic of late... what sane good person wants to throw their hat in the ring.. It isn't just the hat that ends chewed up.. but the family pays as well. I am sure there are some wonderful. strong common sense people out there who can do the job.. but we will never hear from them.. Why subject not only yourself but your family as well.. with none of it having to do how you want to help the country.. has nothing to do with policies, and showing a strong front to the world, it has to chewing up personally.