Saturday, January 09, 2016

Maybe We Need A Trump

He's a New Yorker and brings with him all the rude brashness as they are sometimes stereotyped.  He can be outrageous.  He calls people stupid.

I listened to Hub as he flipped through news last night and tried to keep count of everything he called stupid from the remote to the talking heads.  Too many of which to keep track.  Yet he's one of the brightest guys I know.

The difference between men like him and Trump is that he doesn't talk that way in public.  He has that degree of civility because when he was out in the working world one didn't speak the way Trump does.  Of course we don't have Trump's wealth either.  Maybe when you don't have to rely on any one else for a pay check you can have a loose tongue.

That being said, Trump's language does resonate with the people.  Can he act Presidential?  I don't know but as he has said himself, we need a cheerleader and he has become the personification of just that.  Now if only he would get his facts straight!

Whatever, I can't help but like his straight forwardness and his willingness to stray from the Republican dictates.  He is not a Conservative nor is he a Progressive.  He's really quite a Centrist - a bit from the Republicans and a bit from the Democrats.  The beauty of it is he's mostly right.

Not being beholden to campaign contributors gives him that freedom. He has no political ambitions other than the Presidency and that to "make America great again". I actually believe him on that.

As I watch all the other candidates dance around Trump in silent frustration I think they are too political and haven't the courage to say what they really mean.  I don't think there is any one other  than Trump running that isn't beholden to some group.  After all, who is financing their campaigns?

If they can't out maneuver Trump on the strength of their policy how are they ever going to deal with the mavericks running the rest of the world?  We need someone who won't flinch when challenged.

I can't see Trump flinching.  I would suppose that's part of why he calls them "stupid".  Do they really have the strength of the convictions they espouse?  I'm not yet convinced.

I'm also not counting out Trump.  He didn't get where he himself is by being stupid. Bank on it.

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Word Tosser said...

Ken started out telling others he was voting for Trump, just to get a reaction from them.. And then he would laugh... But now he is getting a little more serious about the fact that he could vote for him after all... he likes the fact that no one owns Trump... he likes the fact that Trump says what he believe.. right or wrong.. He loves it that the Republican party doesn't seem to know what to do with him..and THEY can't control him. Because Trump really doesn't care. He likes Trump because he isn't political correct .. and says things that lot of us have said softly.. so we don't offend... And my take a while back.. was if the Republican candidate can't control Trump or out speak him.. then how are they going to take care of business in the rest of the world.. so I totally agree with you on that one..