Saturday, February 13, 2016

Incoming! Duck!

Where does political dysfunction begin? In the campaign.  At least this time around.

Candidates play a fantastic game of bait and switch and will do every thing in their power to succeed. It is said they have no say over what the PACs do on their behalf but I seriously doubt it's true. If it is true then they are doing the candidates they support no favor.

Yeah, I know, negative advertising works.  That doesn't make we voters look good does it?  But them, like our politicians, we believe what we want to believe no matter how far from truth the issue may be.

Even Sanders and Clinton are getting nasty.  Bernie has such a treasure trove of baggage claims on Hillary he could win the battle nasties on the Democrats side.

Then there are the Republicans.  Can any one honestly say they've heard more than generalities from any of them?  Perhaps they have their policies laid out on their web pages.  If that be so then do away with the debates.   We who vote can read.  At least enough to negotiate a ballot. More than that is any one's guess.

If there are those who have trouble with the written word and listen to the debates to become informed, they are getting cheated  by both the media and the and the cat fights which the debates have become.

As my husband said while listening to the "news" the other evening and upon finding out we were out of gin, "It's going to be a very long year."

He's right when it comes to our quest for knowledge.  Let's see.  What I remember so far is that Sanders is a socialist, Hillary is a felon,  everyone hates Cruz, Rubio is a robot, Carson has all but disappeared,  Kasich is who he is since having found the Lord, and Trump uses foul language, is  against eminent domain and is not a conservative.  Duh. Oh, yes, he has a very attractive wife and family.

And I'm supposed to choose a candidate from this?  C'mon boys and girls.  Grow up before I join the rotten tomato brigade!


Betty said...

There is absolutely no evidence that Hillary is a felon. Flat statements like yours are probably libelous. Loose talk doesn't really help the debate.

Mari Meehan said...

Betty, I don't think Rubio is a robot either. The comment about Hillary is one often heard as is the robot comment. It was not meant as accusation, but rather the incomplete and more often than not incorrect descriptions of the candidates that one reads and hears..

Bill McCrory said...


You are incorrect when you state, "There is absolutely no evidence that Hillary is a felon." The evidence is in the hands of the US Intelligence Community. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is a member of the US Intelligence Community. That evidence will be evaluated to determine if Clinton will be prosecuted for the felonies alluded to in this letter.

Ultimately the US Department of Justice will make the decision to prosecute or decline prosecution for any crimes alleged. The absence of prosecution, however, does not indicate the absence of evidence.