Monday, February 15, 2016

Never Miss An Opportunity To Miss An Opportunity

It never ceases to amaze me that the Republicans continue to earn the title of this post.  Judge Scalia hadn't even gotten cold before they were informing the President no replacement would be considered until we have a new president.

It shows me several things about those nit wits.  The most serious is that no matter how hard we try to show them we're not happy even with a new House Speaker, they just don't get it.

They have no respect for the dearly departed or else they wouldn't have turned Scalia's demise into a political hot potato.  Disgusting.  This goes for the candidates too.

They are still ensnarled in partisan politics.  Sure, Obama would no doubt nominate a left leaning candidate but it is his right to do so and their obligation to do a non-partisan vetting.  Just bear in mind Scalia had very high praise for Justice Kagan.

Then too, the way they have been behaving, there is no guarantee they will win the White House.  They had best consider who they would rather have put forward a nominee - Obama, Clinton or Sanders.  Of course it would be helpful if Obama would be impartial but we know that won't happen!

I have a couple of long time readers who are diametrically opposed to me when it comes to politics, but in deference to them I will say this.  I understand why Obama has taken the executive order road.
Congress is so tied up with their own partisanship ways nothing ever gets accomplished.

Still wondering why Trump is doing so well considering his faults?  He isn't a part of the political process.  Should he be elected he'll need some political guidance to be sure but it will be a presidency such as we've never before seen.  I think the same scenario applies to Sanders and even though he is a sitting Senator he fits no mold other than his own.

What does it take to wake these people up?


Word Tosser said...

Maybe... Trump will use the executive order to put a law in that no one can be a congress person longer than 12 years... hey don't laugh.. I can dream can't I.. lol..

Betty said...

Diametrically opposed? Are you talkin' to me??? LOL Seriously though, I think you and I agree on a lot of things - just not Hillary.
Did you notice that they hadn't even removed Scalia's body from the hotel before Mitch McConnell announced that Obama shouldn't even nominate a new Justice, because he/she wouldn't be confirmed? He and his rabid Republican friends had better be careful. Even Republican voters can be offended by that kind of lack of respect. He could lose the Senate for them.

I'm glad we agree that it is Obama's right ( and I think it his duty) to nominate a replacement.

Mari Meehan said...

You are one of two Betty. I must be doing something right since you both have been in and out of my blogosphere for years! ; )