Tuesday, March 15, 2016

...And The Winner Is...

Ah, another group of primaries today.  I'd like to say, "May the best man win" but alas there is no best man.

As I watch clips from the various candidates I wonder when they going to realize that in their attempts to oust The Donald they look weak and pathetic.  At least to me.

This is supposed to be an election to choose the President of our country.  I don't know what exactly I would relate it but it certainly isn't what one would expect for that presidency.  My assessment remains the same.  Donald Trump scares me, not so much because of his behavior and course language but because he's an unknown quantity.  However, if he wins the primaries fair and square the "establishment" would be slapping the faces of all those who voted for him.  Do they really want to hang that around their collective necks?

Ted Cruz also scares me.  I don't like his evangelical fervor which seems to change depending on his audience.  Also, should he win, how is he going to get along with Congress if it is so that they "hate" him.  Hate is a strong and destructive emotion and I'm not sure it isn't more an intense dislike.  What worries me is if he will use presidential fiat much as Obama has and for just as many divisive  reasons.  Yes, others have used it but I don't recall it being made such an issue.  I could be mistaken.  The old mind isn't as sharp as it used to be.

The there is dear Marco Rubio.  I have to give him an "A" for effort but I think the handwriting is on the wall. The question about him is what's he going to do for a living since he wasn't going to run again for Senate.  Will he join the ranks of lobbyists and revert to type as an end of career fall back?

Who knows.  The more they tangle the more I'm sure I'm going to vote for none of the above.  The more they fall to the bait of a Trump victory the more I see them throwing tantrums when any thing else comes up that doesn't mesh with their tunnel vision.

I won't be commenting on tonight's results.  We're off to Yellowstone to seek out the bears emerging from their slumber and the wolves who will stalk the weaker ones.  The analogy pertaining to current politics is that the weak ones, Cruz and Rubio, are stalking the strong one, Trump.

What I do know for sure the bears and the wolves are consistent in their roles and behavior.  Too bad the political class isn't the same.

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