Thursday, March 03, 2016

Mitt - Too Little Too Late

I was surprised yesterday when I heard that Mitt Romney was going to give a speech on the state of the Republican party. The fact that he is the titular head of the party having been the most recent presidential nominee, he's been pretty much out of the spotlight.

I wondered how hard he could be on Trump since Trump endorsed him in his bid.  Well, that didn't take long to answer.  It is open season on every person past, present and future.  It seems more bloody this year as the Republican establishment tries to find a way to oust Trump.  Needless to say they're botching it but good.

There he stood, still with the movie star looks and beautifully tanned. His voice was firm with conviction.  He sliced and diced Mr. Trump to a fare-thee-well and it rang with truth. I could find no argument with anything he said.  If you haven't heard it here's the transcript.

I shouldn't have been but never-the-less was surprised at how badly it was received by the pundits.  He's old news.  He's the loser, not Trump.  He's the epitome of the "establishment".  Perhaps so and I have lots of ill feelings toward said establishment myself.  One thing that can't be denied, however, put side by side with Trump, who would you rather have facing the world?  Without question I would choose Romney.

Trump took on Romney's remarks during a rally in Portland, Maine.  I watched briefly then went on with my morning chores.  I couldn't listen to any more self aggrandizement in rebuttal.

Romney had an interesting ploy though.  He suggested that people vote for who ever is ranked highest in the polls where it is someone other than Trump.  For instance Kasich in Ohio, Rubio in Florida, Cruz has already won Texas.  Should any of them actually win that would give all the delegates to them thus depriving Trump of the numbers needed.

Point being, after the first vote at the convention delegates are released to vote for whom ever they want.  Thus a brokered convention.  Actually the Democrats may have one themselves if Hillary's troubles catch up with her.  Who would they choose?  Perhaps Biden.  I'm not sure.  But who for the Republicans?  Romney perhaps?  He's said he wouldn't run but could he be chosen after the fact?

Curious times these. I have no idea how this is going to play out but I hope all who are planning to vote realize this isn't a single circle circus.  It has all three rings.  Our domestic woes and foreign policy are the two other than the nominee.  Who ever wants it most had better distinguish himself from the field, as small as its getting to be,  and start talking concrete policy and quit the name calling.


Linda said...

I do agree. I was very surprised that Romney jumped in and have to say I think he muddied the waters even more. I haven't watched any of the debates, but I think I'll tune in tonight and see how long I can stand it. They've stooped so low I don't think there's much left but to wrestle it out on stage like boys on a school yard. Hey, I'd love to see Biden on the ticket but I wouldn't count on it. The emails are all out now and apparently all that's left is folks to read into them whatever they want them to say. Sounds to me like the whole system of what's classified and what's not is a sham. The Clintons have skated for many years on the sharp edge of the blade and I suspect that will continue. Instead of chasing after Hillary looking for demons Republicans time would have been better spent looking for demons in their own party. They've been caught with their pants down now and don't have a clue how to get out of the mess they're in.

Betty said...

Romney's speech did sound as though he believed what he was saying. If his speeches had sounded that way when he was running for President, he might have won.

By the way, in spite of what he has said about not being interested in running again, this afternoon, he said he'd be willing to run, after all. Surprise! I guess his speech this morning got him all excited for the good old days. I think his time is past, though, and I can about imagine how the other candidates, Rubio, Cruz and Kasick felt when they heard he said that.