Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Cream Of The Presidential Crop Is Sour

I cannot recall ever seeing two more disagreeable people vying to be our President.  Hillary has always skated on ethically thin ice and is still doing so.  She is, however, a known quantity and if enough people think she is worthy of the job she will get it.

Mr. Trump is another case all together.  He is certainly being helped along by FOX news who unabashedly support him and the Republican Party which seems unable to keep from tripping over their own feet in trying to oust him.

I have a theory for them to consider.  Let him alone and he will implode all on his own.  If the Republicans persist in their quest for a brokered or contested convention Trump will have someone to blame.  If they keep their mouths closed they have the chance to regain some sense of dignity.  Not that I expect it from the current crop of Republican leadership.  I use that term loosely.

Something every one need consider with Mr. Trump is that he is not a known quantity.  If he can't act with decorum during the campaign what is he likely to do when a foreign leader disagrees with him or even tries just to get a straight answer? Generalities bound in bluster isn't governing.

I may be mistaken, but Trump is on overload with me and hopefully a lot of other voters.  He is rude. He is crude. Worst of all he seems to be addicted to Twitter and that I think will be his downfall.

Surely he must realize that all of his opposition follow his Tweets religiously and are johnny on the spot to broadcast any thing and every thing that can make him look bad.  Well, maybe not, he's making himself look bad.

Actually it's who and what he is.  He says he can act presidential but he has yet to show it.  Not even a smidge.  I think somewhere in the deep reaches of his ego he thinks he has a perfect right to spew whatever venom that comes to mind in any particular moment. Frankly I'm tired of it and embarrassed by him.

I'm also tired of Ted Cruz taking every opportunity that presents itself to perpetuate Trump's childish behavior and thus his own.   I guess he doesn't think he is damaged by doing so but at least with me he has diminished himself as candidate.  Not that I particularly liked him in the first place.  He still reminds me of  the self rightous and totally insincere Elmer Gantry.

Hillary the Shrill and The Donald. Wow.  And in second place Bernie and Cruz. What a choice!


Word Tosser said...

one of my favorite candidates is looking pretty dang good..
to the point of being the only choice... the name?
NONE OF ABOVE I have voted for that two times before...

I was once put down for throwing my vote away, by choosing NOA..
but to me. voting for either of the candidates that I can't stand,
not even the lesser of the two evils.. is beyond me and that is
throwing the vote away. And I do insist on voting.. it is my
right as a citizen to vote... and some how voting for
NONE OF ABOVE ... does give me some satisfaction... it means
I didn't have to vote for either of the two fools on the ballot.
And who ever counts the ballots.. sees that one of the voters was not pleased
with the choices. .... small victory.. but my victory.

marlu said...

Sometimes I don't agree with you (please don't be shocked) but this blog couldn't express my feelings any more accurately. I think your thought about the GOP just letting him do himself in is correct.
What a character he is.