Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Difference Between Easter And Christmas

As I am out and about these days it seems like there are Easter eggs and bunnys everywhere.  There are ads for Easter Brunch and sunrise services.

The stores are filled with Easter baskets, candy peeps, hot cross buns - everything celebrating the day.

Lent is over.  Mardi Gras is over.  The eggs are colored by now and no doubt being hidden for the hunts that will be in full swing tomorrow.

You know what is missing?  The politically correct rants against Christmas ~ trees, Santa Claus and heaven forbid a nativity scene. Easter even has a parallel to Christmas.  The Easter bunny to Santa Claus for the lighter side and the children.

What's the difference between and Easter Egg hunt at the White House and the ten commandments on your court house lawn?

Explain to me the difference between depictions of the crucifixion and a nativity scene.  One celebrates birth.  The other celebrates death and ascension.  Of the same being. Both being annual events; perhaps the most  important and celebrated days of the Christian religions.

I'm really curious.  Where are they, the nay sayers, the atheists?   Hopefully they'll stay beneath their rocks.  In the mean time Happy Easter!

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Linda said...

Excellent post. I hadn't thought about it.