Friday, July 01, 2016

Independent Thinking, By Jove!

With tongue firmly in cheek I think I've found the answer for floundering Republicans who want anyone other than Trump as their presidential nominee.

There are similarities to be sure, but when it comes to the finer points my suggestion is far superior. Who?

Boris Johnson.  The former mayor of London who was a leader in the Brexit movement.  It was thought he was a shoo in for Prime Minister after Cameron resigned  but was sabotaged by one of his own.  You might say he wasn't treated fairly. Hahahahahaha.

Here's the deal.  He is eligible since he was born in New York City and is over 35.  He's a Conservative by British standards.  Never mind that he'd be a moderate by our standards. Which to my thinking is good but never mind that too.  You can't have everything!

He's flamboyant.  Perhaps best of all he has actual political and government experience gained as mayor of London. He's not nearly as offensive as Trump can be. British manners, don't you know. Plus the accent is appealing.

Oh, wait, even more important might be they could slip him in and the Trumpsters would never notice.

What more could you want??  Turning to a Brit to bail them out would be the irony of ironies on this Independence Day week end.  Have a good one!

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